These criminals can disturb the election, will be shifted to another jail; Those who meet them are also being monitored. These criminals can disturb the election, will be shifted to another jail; Those who meet them are also being monitored

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In the last presidential election, incidents of murder were carried out.

Gorakhpur Police of Uttar Pradesh is under threat from 15 vicious criminals including Tikka Singh of Gagaha. The police fear that they may carry out murders in the presidential election like they had carried out the incidents of murder in the last presidential election. Although at present these miscreants are in jail, but considering them as a threat in elections, they are being monitored. Police and jail administration are also monitoring the visitors coming to meet these miscreants. Soon these 15 miscreants will also be shifted to another jail.

The miscreant is lodged in the district jail
On the instructions of the government, the district police has prepared a list of these miscreants and started monitoring. Information has also been collected about the people who went to meet him in jail in the past. Till the polling is over, these miscreants as well as people associated with their gang will be monitored. Attempting to influence the election will also result in deterrent action. The police have started keeping an eye on these miscreants and the people who had contact with them. In the list sent to the government, there are names of 15 miscreants of the district who can use their influence to create havoc in the assembly elections.

This crook is included in the list
In the list Tikka Singh alias Brijesh resident Gagaha, Raj Singh alias Yuvraj resident Gagaha, Dhananjay Tiwari resident Belipar, Satish Sahni alias Naga resident Tiwaripur, Bablu Harijan resident Khajni, Rama Yadav resident Khajni, Mithun Paswan resident Chaurichaura, Guddu Dhadi resident PPganj, Priyatosh Yadav The names of residents of Bansgaon, Radhe Yadav resident of Bansgaon, Pradeep Yadav resident of Jhangha, Atam Sahni resident of Sikriganj are included.

Sensationalists in Gagaha top the list
Last year, the name of Tikka Singh, Raj Singh alias Yuvraj, who created a sensation by killing three people including a businessman and his employee and district panchayat member candidate in Gagaha within 20 days, is at the top. At the same time, Dhananjay Tiwari, accused of killing the eldest chief during the presidential election in Gulriha, vicious crook Pradeep Yadav, a resident of Jhangha and Mithun Paswan of Chaurichaura, who attacked the policemen with a deadly attack. The police is keeping an eye on these miscreants as well as their relatives and other gang members who are outside.

More than two dozen cases are registered on all
There are more than two dozen cases registered against all these miscreants. Many of these have serious cases like murder, attempt to murder, robbery, attack on police, murder and rioting in elections, extortion. Similarly, the miscreants lodged in other jails of the state have also been identified.

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