These loops are less than the loops: three girls in men’s cricket team, better than them in playing

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Banswara2 hours ago

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All three girls practice cricket with a male team.

  • Rage Chishti bowling, Ashfia Chishti all-rounder, Bhoomi is showing amazing with his batting

Yeh choris, koi loos hai ki hai… This popular dialogue of Dangal film must have been heard. It sits on three daughters of Banswara steak. Rose Chishti is doing amazing in all-rounder and Bhumi Kalal batting with medium pressure bowling, Ashfia Chishti batting and off-spin bowling.

All three daughters have been practicing with the men’s team for a long time at the city’s AZ Academy. At the same time, in the ongoing Kushalbagh ground, he also performed tremendously in the leather ball cricket competition. Where in a match Ashfia Chishti was the man of the match with 3 wickets with an innings of 32 runs. All three girls are seen practicing match, whether on the field or at home. Academy coach Azhar Sheikh said that there is no women’s team here, but there is too much craze for girls to play. Who is also set to play with the boys team.

1. Rose Chishti (Tara)
Rose Chishti is in the 10th grade. She has been taking cricket training for 3 years. Which along with medium pressure bowling also bat. Rose told that she also went to Jaipur for the state trial. Where he was also tried but the process did not proceed after the corona virus. She practices only after waking up at 5 in the morning. The father-in-law of both sisters, Farrakhan Ahmed, gives them training.

2. Ashfia Chishti (Star)
Ashfaiah Chishti, the elder sister of Rose Chishti, is also putting her strength in cricket. Ashfiya is studying engineering. Ashfia also performs off-spin bowling along with a great performance in batting. Also included in the team of the senior men’s team of the academy. The special thing is that Ashfiya also gave a trial, in which he was selected for a possible 45 of the Challenger Trophy. Where the team selection was to be done for 15, but due to Kovid-19 the whole process could not be done.

3. Bhoomi Kalal
Bhumi Kalal has also started coaching cricket with these two girls as well. Bhoomi is studying in the 8th grade. Which along with left batting also bowls medium pressure. A-Z plays on behalf of the junior team. For more than 2 years, Bhoomi has joined the Cricket Academy. Along with this, the mother of the land also comes along to leave the academy. At home too, she has kept the pitch for practice. Where time starts, practice starts.

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