Thieves steal the battery of e-rickshaw in Mandawar, police engaged in investigation | Thieves steal the battery of e-rickshaw in Mandavar, police engaged in investigation

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Shadab Khan’s son Shafiullah Khan, a resident of Mandawar police station area of ​​Bijnor, runs a milk farmer’s dairy located in Mohalla Mangal Bazaar. He has an e-rickshaw, from which he works to bring milk. As usual, late on Tuesday evening, Shadab had got the e-rickshaw parked by his servant Abid.

On Wednesday morning, when Abid went to take an e-rickshaw to bring milk, he saw that the locks of the e-rickshaw were broken. Two of the batteries are missing from it. Abid told Swami at the dairy that two batteries of the rickshaw had been stolen. Dairy Swami Shadab searched a lot but could not find it. The theft of Shadab’s battery has been given in the police station. On the other hand, SHO Shyamveer Singh says that Tahrir has come, action will be taken soon.

It is being told that battery theft has increased in Mandawar town for the last few months. Even before this, batteries have been stolen from the vehicles of many people. Apart from this, some batteries have also been stolen from the poles of solar lights installed by the Nagar Panchayat.

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