Things to consider before choosing those perfect pair of shoes

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Things to consider before choosing perfect shoes

Choosing a pair of shoes might look very easy but when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of shoes, things do get a bit tricky. Now the question that naturally comes to mind is what are those important factors that are needed to be considered to choose the perfect pair of shoes? Although there are multiple factors to consider, it is important to go with only the most important ones to make your process of selecting the right pair of shoes easier and more confusion-free. So without wasting much time, let’s get started with the five most important things to consider before buying the right pair of shoes.


Only the best quality shoes last longer than others. Thus, never compromise on the quality of your shoes even if it means paying a little extra for them. Moreover, you can never be assured of shoes that are low on quality as they can get damaged easily and quickly. 


For your shoes to have better stability and greater comfort, they should have the right footbed. Nowadays, brands put special focus on making shoes with specially designed memory foam footbeds so that they can be worn by both kids and adults for a longer period without suffering from foot fatigue. 

Sole Material

Did you know that shoes with heavy sole material can cause leg pain after prolonged use? Ideally, the sole in your shoes should be lightweight yet abrasion-resistant. Another important quality of good soles is that they should be anti-skid. There are very few homegrown brands that come with shoes whose soles pass through strict quality checks during the manufacturing process.


Why do you think we take hours to choose the right shoes? Well, it’s obviously because we want our new shoes to have the best design and colour combination so that they look great on our feet. So never choose your shoes in a hurry as you may regret later doing so. 

Easy to wash

Washing your shoes is not as easy as washing your clothes. It takes special effort to hit the right areas and clean your shoes to ensure that they stay new for years. Thus, go for shoes that are easily washable and can be dried quickly. 

The above five factors are more than enough to ensure that you buy only the perfect quality shoes for yourself. 


(By – Dr. Simran Mann Sachdeva, Founder & Director of KazarMax)


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