Third degree to silver trader on suspicion of theft, victim accuses police of vandalism, complains to MLA | Accused of torturing a silver trader on suspicion of theft by keeping him in the police station for one and a half hours, the relatives said – the police want to implicate intentionally

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MLA meeting the victim businessman.

The brutality of the Chhatta police station has come to the fore in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that on suspicion of theft, the silver trader was given third degree by keeping him in the police station for one and a half hours. The businessman has suffered a lot due to this. The victim businessman has complained to MLA Yogendra Upadhyay in this regard. He is demanding action against the accused policemen in this case. The family members allege that the police are deliberately pressurizing them to implicate.

First questioned, tortured the next day

According to the information, the silver was stolen from the trader’s place on Monday in Khalsa Gali under police station Chhata. Its report was written in the police station Chhatta. On the basis of suspicion, the police had called many people, including Yash Verma, a silversmith in Khalsa Gali, on Monday night for questioning.

He was released after a long interrogation. After this, on Tuesday evening, Yash got a call from Peepal Mandi outpost and called him again at the post for questioning. It is alleged that he was vandalized in the name of interrogation at the post. He was given third degree. After the outpost, he was again taken to the Chhatta police station. It is alleged that even here he was beaten up. He was kept in the police station for about one and a half hours. The police released him at night. Yash is badly hurt by the police beating.

The relatives allege that the police tortured for one and a half hours in the police station.

The relatives allege that the police tortured for one and a half hours in the police station.

complaint against MLA

On Wednesday afternoon, the victim businessman and others met South Vidhan Sabha MLA Yogendra Upadhyay in protest against the police action. Told them the story. MLA Yogendra Upadhyay says that a lot of vandalism has been done with the youth by the police. He could not even sit. Will apprise ADG about this whole incident.

Police pressurizing to implicate intentionally

At the same time, the victim’s brother Prashant says that action should be taken against the accused policemen. The police was deliberately putting pressure to implicate. At the same time, in this case, Chhatta police station Inspector Rajkanwal Balian says that the young man was called for questioning, he has not been assaulted. A call was made to SP City Rohan Pramed in this regard, but he could not be reached.

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