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This Lucknow Shop’s Japanese Pearl Saree Is Worth Rs 21 Lakh – News18

Last Updated: March 28, 2024, 10:31 IST

It is among the most expensive sarees in the country.

This Japanese pearl sequin saree is made on chikankari cloth.

India is a land that is renowned around the world for its rich cultural diversity. A saree is considered an important part of Indian culture. Every state of the country is diverse, and it is quite evident in its clothing as well. A saree has been worn since the times of the royals and now has adopted a modern touch, becoming an indispensable part of the wardrobe of Indian women. Now, it has been found that a new saree has been going viral on social media, which is worth lakhs. As per reports, the unique part about that saree is that it is made of unique Japanese pearls and is among the most expensive sarees in the country.

According to reports, this Japanese pearl sequin saree is made on chikankari cloth at a shop named Ada Fashion Store in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is known for its production of chikankari all over the world. Reportedly, the saree has been made with 32 fine stitches of chikankari, and it took around one year for this saree to be ready. Ada Fashion Store, run by Mr Haider Ali Khan, revealed that very fine work has been done to make the saree. He added that they used special pearls to make the blouse. These pearls are imported from Japan. He further stated that it is quite difficult for the artisans to put these Japanese pearls on the saree. As a result, a special mortar is made that is as fine as a strand of hair.

Haider Ali Khan also said that the price of the saree is determined by the number of artisans involved in making it, the time it took to make it, and the type of materials that are used. This unique saree requires profound expertise, as a result, it has been priced at Rs 21 lakh. He further added that even slight variations in the nets used in the saree would result in an increase in its price. As per reports, there is another expensive saree in the store worth Rs 10 lakh.

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