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This Made In India Battle Royale Game Opens For Pre-Register On iPhone – News18

This Made In India Battle Royale Game Opens For Pre-Register On iPhone – News18

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SuperGaming is finally bringing its made in India game to iPhones

SuperGaming launched its battle royale game developed in India for Android users first but soon iPhone and iPad users will also get a chance to play it.

SuperGaming is a gaming studio in Pune that has recently grown in prominence across the country. Its Indus Battle Royale game is already available to Android users in closed beta. Meanwhile, the game’s pre-registration total has surpassed 11 million on Android.

The company’s battle royale game is now available for iOS users as of late. Furthermore, pre-registration for SuperGaming’s Indus Battle Royale game is now available on the Apple App Store.

According to SuperGaming, gamers who sign up ahead of time for Indus Battle Royale will be able to claim special prizes when the game launches. Users can obtain exclusive access to the game’s closed beta, according to the store page, however, no specifics have been disclosed.

SuperGaming Indus Battle Royale Game: How To Pre-Register On iPhones

The game is available on the Apple App Store for anyone who is interested. As an alternative, they might go to the official website of the company. To pre-register for the game, users must click the ‘Get’ button that appears.

Compatible Apple Devices

According to the listing page, all iPhones and iPads running iOS version 12 or later can play the battle royale game. It is approximately 2.24 GB in size. It is also stated on the App Store listing page for the game that an official release date of October 25, 2024, is anticipated. But keep in mind that this is just a tentative date and could change.

The app store listing claims that the Indus Battle Royale game offers a cutting-edge tactical battle royale experience, a special Cosmium win condition with never-before-seen avatars, rich lore, captivating graphics, and more in terms of TPS/FPS battle royale mobile gaming. Additionally, armaments that range from sniper rifles to unusual superweapons will be given to players.

There will be a new Grudge System in the game. Through the tracking of players you have killed or those who have killed you, this system will allow you to participate in in-game rivalries.

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