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This Scotland Bar Was Shut For A Day Due To Massive Bee Swarm – News18

Last Updated: June 29, 2023, 18:25 IST

The swarm of bees was finally removed after four days.

Faced with the unusual situation, the staff quickly evacuated the bar through a fire exit and informed customers about the closing.

A bar and restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, faced an unexpected challenge when a massive swarm of bees gathered and nested outside the building, leading to its temporary shut. The insects appeared at the bar on the morning of June 25, choosing to settle on a nearby railing. Faced with the unusual situation, the staff quickly evacuated through a fire exit and informed customers about the closing due to safety concerns. It took over a day for the business to reopen, during which courageous employees carefully moved the bees away from the barโ€™s entrance and placed them in a secure location, ensuring public safety.

According to Petya Petrova, the manager of the bar, the swarm appeared suddenly and settled on the railing within 10 minutes. When seeking help from the local authority, Petrova told BBC that they refused to intervene, citing their policy of not dealing with bee-related issues. This left the bar staff to handle the situation on their own.

โ€œWe ended up having to close because itโ€™s obviously a safety risk, with it being so close to the entrance. We put up a sign to explain we had to close because of the bee colony on the terrace. But we still saw some people going up close to them and trying to touch the bees, which probably isnโ€™t a good idea,” she said.

The manager shared that she spent several days attempting to find someone who would assist in removing the swarm. She contacted a pest control company for assistance, but upon seeing the bees, they declined to help. Beekeepers were also contacted, but they were unable to send someone immediately. They advised waiting for 24 to 48 hours to determine if it was a temporary swarm or a permanent nest.

Beekeepers finally arrived on Wednesday, June 28, to completely remove the swarm. Petrova was finally relieved after the removal and mentioned that she had become familiar with their presence over time and now she is less afraid of bees.

According to Telegraph, experts have issued warnings about the increase in bee swarms across Britain this summer, due to the warm temperatures. Manchester, UK, experienced a recent incident where a swarm occupied a table in a coffee shop, along with lamp posts and other objects.

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