This Seal’s Fish Heist On Boat Has To Be The Cutest Crime Ever

Last Updated: May 27, 2023, 14:12 IST

The seal puts his head right where the fish are stored. (Credits : Reddit)

The seal emerges from the water and launches itself onto the boat, catching everyone off guard.

A leisurely boat trip turned into a comical battle of wits between a crafty seal and a generous group of seafarers. The extraordinary encounter, captured on video and shared on Reddit, has left viewers in stitches. The footage begins innocently enough, with a picturesque scene of a boat gently cruising through the sparkling waters. Above the boat, a flock of birds circles gracefully, catching the attention of the boat’s occupants. In an act of spontaneous generosity, the boater decides to share his fishy bounty with the airborne visitors. As the kind-hearted boater tosses small pieces of fish to the delighted birds, a mischievous surprise lurks beneath the surface. Suddenly a sneaky seal emerges from the water and launches itself onto the boat, catching everyone off guard.

In a mad dash for the tantalizing fish morsels, the seal’s intentions become abundantly clear. With an undeniable determination and a twinkle in its eyes, the adorable intruder proceeds to raid the boat’s stash of fish. The man on the boat feeding the birds gives two of those fish to the seal. But it seems that was not enough for the raider. It puts his head right where the fish are stored, frantically trying to secure as many tasty treats as possible. The boat’s occupants can hardly contain their laughter as they witness this unexpected seal caper. It is rightly captioned, “This Man was feeding birds before this happened…”

The video had Reddit users talking about the wonders and unpredictability of nature, showcasing the intelligence and resourcefulness of our marine counterparts. The seal’s quick thinking and opportunistic behaviour were an element of charm and whimsy to the encounter, leaving viewers in awe of the natural world’s entertaining antics. “His friends are never going to believe what happened when he gets back in the water,” wrote a user.

Another commented, “Definitely not his first time hitting up a boat. He went straight to the vault!”

“There has never been a more ‘THIS IS SPARTA!!’ Moment,” read a comment.

Meanwhile, a few other people were worried that the seal might hurt itself by trying to get on a moving boat like that. A user wrote, “Not good to teach/reward this animal to come onto the back of a boat. It could get it killed in future.”

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