This team India does not fear, fights: India has won 99 Tests since 2000; The chance to become the first Asian team to win 100 Tests in the 21st century

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Chennai9 minutes ago

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India started playing Test cricket in 1932 and we got our first Test victory in 1952 after 20 years of waiting. For a long time we were identified as a team that played to save matches. Then came a period when we became the lion of the house. A lion who used to win on home ground, but used to pile up when he went abroad.

Till the end of the 20th century, we were tagged as ‘the lion of the house’, but the situation started changing as soon as the 21st century began. We got three captains one after the other who taught our team to win both at home and abroad. The proof of this is our performance so far in this century. We have played 218 Tests since 2000. In this we have won 99. Our team will become the first Asian team to score a century of Test wins in the 21st century.

Won 62% more by playing 34% fewer matches

Since 2000, India has won 99 in 218 Tests. Lost 60 matches. There were 59 draws. Now look at the figures of the last century. India played 330 Test matches from 1932 to 1999. It won 61 of them. 109 were defeated and 159 were drawn. There was also a match tie. That is, in the 21st century, we played 34% fewer Tests than in the previous century, but won 62% more.

53 matches won in 89 years abroad, 40 wins in last 20 years
In this century, there has been a tremendous improvement in the performance of the Indian team even on foreign soil. India has won 53 out of a total of 274 Test matches abroad since 1932. From 1932 to 1999, we had won 13 out of 155 matches at home against opposition teams. At the same time, from the year 2000 till now, only 119 matches have been won in 40 matches. Australia is ahead of India only. Australia have won 50 of the 104 matches at home in their home games against opposition teams since 2000.

Ganguly, Dhoni and Virat turned their fortunes
Transforming India from a match-saving team to a match-winning team began in the year 2000 with the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly. Ganguly led India to victory in 21 matches. After Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble were also captains for some time. Dravid won 8 out of 25 matches and Kumble won 3 out of 14 matches. After Ganguly, the true captain was Dhoni. He won the team in 27 of 60 Tests. Virat took it to the next level and has so far won Team India in 34 out of 58 matches.

Adopted professional approach, placed foreign coach for the first time
The professional attitude of BCCI can also be credited for improving the level of Indian cricket from the year 2000 till now. The board hired foreign coach for the first time as New Zealand’s John Wright. Then coaches like Greg Chappell, Gary Kirsten and Duncan Fletcher also joined the team. The practice of having expert fielding, bowling-batting coaches also began. Connected with the data analyst team. Emphasis was placed on players’ mantle conditioning. The combined effect of all these aspects was that our team became a team fighting every challenge instead of a team that was afraid of any challenge. The 100th victory in this century will prove to be the biggest witness of all these reforms.


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