“Thought We Were Going To Die”: Spanish Tourist Gang-Raped In Jharkhand

The couple’s motorcycle journey began five years ago.


Around five years ago, a Spanish couple embarked upon an ambitious plan to travel the world on motorcycles. Sixty-three countries and 170,000 km later, their journey hit a harrowing bump in the quiet corners of Jharkand’s Dumka, roughly 300 km from the state capital Ranchi. The woman, 28, was allegedly gang-raped by seven men when she was spending the night with her partner in a makeshift tent. 

The couple’s journey, initially tracing from Bangladesh on two motorcycles, was intended to continue through Bihar and ultimately reach Nepal. However, the night took a dark turn as the alleged attackers targeted the unsuspecting tourists, leaving the survivor in a harrowing state. 

“Something has happened to us that we would not wish on anyone. Seven men have raped me,” the woman shared on social media, along with images showing horrific injuries to her face.

The woman and her partner, 64, later took down the video from social media, claiming that the Jharkhand Police asked them not to “disturb” the investigation. 

“The police told me to turn off the post so as not to disturb the investigation. I will post it later,” the woman shared on her Instagram stories. In a video uploaded a few hours later, the woman’s face can be seen swollen and bruised following the attack. 

“My face looks like this, but it’s not what hurts me the most. I thought we were going to die. Thank God we are alive,” she wrote. 

Manhunt On 

The police have arrested three individuals allegedly involved in the crime. A manhunt is now underway to apprehend the remaining accused. In response to the severity of the incident, a special investigation team (SIT) has been constituted to ensure a thorough and swift inquiry.

Dumka Superintendent of Police (SP), Pitambar Singh Kherwar, said yesterday that the local police patrolling team discovered the distressed couple late on Friday night. Speaking in Spanish, the victims struggled to communicate the tragedy they had endured. The police, sensing the urgency, immediately transported them to a local hospital, where the grim reality of the situation unfolded.

The survivor, a 28-year-old woman, and her 64-year-old husband are currently undergoing treatment at Phulo Jhano Medical College and Hospital in Dumka. Although both are out of immediate danger, doctors are monitoring the couple for possible trauma.

“Both are out of danger and are undergoing treatment at the hospital. The man has sustained minor injuries. The medical examination of the victim will be done by a medical board comprising three gynaecologists, a radiologist, an orthopaedic and a dentist, headed by superintendent of the medical college, Dr Anupuran Purti,” a doctor at the hospital said as quoted by news agency PTI.


A National Commission for Women (NCW) visited Dumka and criticised the police’s alleged incapability in promptly apprehending all the accused. NCW Chairperson, Rekha Sharma, has reached out to the victim, promising support.

Local authorities have faced criticism from various quarters. Jharkhand BJP president, Babulal Marandi, expressed deep concern, alleging laxity within the law and order machinery in the state. The incident came up in the Jharkhand Assembly during its concluding day of the budget session, leading to adjournments and heated debates.

The political finger-pointing gained momentum with the Opposition’s demanding for the suspension of the Dumka SP and the formation of a probe committee. The alleged crime occurred on the day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concerns about the alleged law and order situation in Jharkhand during a rally in the state.

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