Three accused arrested in the murder of a 13-year-old girl 10 days ago, the dead body was raped to mislead the police | 3 accused arrested in the murder of the girl 10 days ago, the dead body was raped to mislead the police

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Just 13-year-old Shivani had to pay with her life to protect her farm in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. He only told Virendra, who was doing popular cutting in the neighboring farm, that cutting the tree properly should not harm his farm. Virendra did not like this thing and he hit the tree cutter Banka on the head of Shivani. After that he kept on killing till he died. However, the police arrested Virendra and two of his associates and sent them to jail. Along with this, the weapons used in the murder have also been recovered from the spot.

The murder of 13-year-old Shivani, which took place in Chakdah village of Shahi police station area about 10 days ago, was disclosed by the police on Wednesday. Three accused of this murder Virendra alias Pappu, Keshav alias Omkar and Tejpal have been arrested by the police. It was told that all three have confessed to their crime.

The accused got angry on Shivani’s interruption

SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan said that during interrogation, Virendra told that he was cutting a popular tree in his field. When Shivani came and asked him, he got angry. He killed Banka Shivani by throwing her from above. Due to which she fainted. After this, two of Virendra’s friends Keshav and Tejpal, sitting in the field, said that now his injury is more. Its difficult to survive. It is better to kill it and throw it away. The three friends attacked Shivani fiercely. Due to which he died on the spot.

Clothes were torn to mislead the police

During interrogation, the trio told that they had torn Shivani’s clothes to mislead the police and the villagers. Tried to pretend that Shivani was raped. Due to which the police and the villagers feel that Shivani died during the rape itself. After the death of Shivani, they hid her dead body in the cow’s field in the village itself. Along with this, his cycle was also hidden in the same field. At present, the police have sent all three to jail.

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