Three and a half year old script being repeated to save the murdered soldier | The soldier killed the prisoner’s son and surrendered in the police station, the officers asked innocently – what did the child do, the CP told him crazy

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh3 minutes ago

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After the incident in Lucknow, the dead body of the young man lying near the gate of Lohia Hospital and the accused (right) surrendered to the constable police station.

Praveen Singh, 34, a resident of Sitapur, was murdered on Wednesday evening at the gate of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Vibhutikhand, capital Lucknow. The murder was not done by any miscreant but by constable Ashish, resident of Badaun. The constable is posted in Sitapur. He was under the protection of a prisoner suffering from kidney disease. The deceased was the son of a prisoner. After killing, the constable surrendered after reaching the police station.

Before interrogating the soldier who came after killing Bawardi, his uniform was taken off in the police station and put on other clothes. After this, a formal questioning took place by presenting it in front of the officers. But the Lucknow Police is not considering it as a murder but a step taken in mental depression. Three and a half years ago, a constable of Gomtinagar police station similarly shot and killed the area manager of a well-known mobile company, then the officers started saving him by calling him an accidental incident. However, all the tactics of the officers failed and a charge sheet had to be filed against the constable.

The reason behind the murder came to light
Dhruv Kumar, a resident of Misrikh in Sitapur, was lodged in Sitapur jail in a murder case. On May 25, he was admitted to Lohia Hospital for treatment of kidney ailment. Sepoy Ashish Mishra of Sitapur Police Lines was deployed under his protection. According to the police, Dhruv’s son Praveen had made several complaints of constable Ashish to the police department. He often threatened to kill her in the hospital. On Wednesday, he had come to the hospital to meet his father with a pistol. Here there was a scuffle between the constable and Praveen over something. After this Praveen started leaving the hospital, then the two again clashed near the main gate. Ashish says that he snatched Praveen’s pistol and shot him.

The prisoner of Sitapur was admitted to Lohia Hospital.  A constable was posted under his protection.

The prisoner of Sitapur was admitted to Lohia Hospital. A constable was posted under his protection.

The officers who failed to suppress the matter slapped their cheeks

According to police sources, when constable Ashish reached the police station after the incident, he was commended for reposing faith in khaki instead of running away. Thereafter, he was presented before the officers. The officers innocently slapped his cheek and said what did the child do? These officers said that the matter could have been suppressed had it not been for broad daylight.

Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur said – it is crazy

The dead body of Praveen, who was shot by the constable, had not even reached the post-mortem house that Police Commissioner DK Thakur declared the murdered constable Ashish as a lunatic. Instead of disclosing why constable Ashish shot Praveen, the commissioner said that the constable looked mentally deranged. Whereas neither any such information was given to the commissioner by Sitapur police nor he had any mental certificate from him.

Why was the department taking duty from a deranged soldier?

While the statement of Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur raised questions on his intentions, Sitapur Police was also standing in the dock. Why did the Sitapur police not catch up with the murderous constable whose madness was immediately recognized by the commissioner? If Ashish was deranged, then action should be taken against the officers involved in his recruitment process till now every officer who has made him do such important duty.


Three and a half years ago there was an attempt to save the murdered soldier

Around 1 pm on the night of 29 September 2018. Vivek Tiwari, the area manager of a well-known mobile company, who was roaming in his car with a female friend in Gomtinagar extension, was shot dead by constable Prashant Chaudhary of Gomtinagar police station. The reason was the recovery of only a few rupees and Prashant’s evil eye on Vivek’s female friend. To avoid both, as soon as Vivek tried to move forward, Prashant shot him with his service pistol.

Lucknow Police made similar arguments to save Prashant for almost a month. He was called a mantle. Even when this did not work out, then Prashant’s constable wife, who was posted with her husband in Gomtinagar police station, was given a complaint against the deceased Vivek. After all the efforts, Prashant’s constable Sandeep, who was involved in the incident, was saved by the officers but had to file a charge sheet against Prashant for murder.

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