Three arrested, a stampede broke out among the people sitting in the cafe. Three arrested, a stampede broke out among the people sitting in the cafe. Kanpur

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All three people caught in the raid

The city police are very fast if seen, but when their week starts, they also become a little loose. Something similar has come to light from Swarupnagar police station. Here the police raided the Ignite Cafe on Benazhabar Road late on Tuesday night, where hookah bars were found running in the name of the cafe. On the accurate information of the informer, along with hookah, three including its owner and manager along with its flavor have been arrested.

It was going on at the behest of some senior officer.
According to the information received, boys and girls of many good houses were also found in Ignite Cafe in the raids conducted on Tuesday night. This work was going on for a long time in this cafe located in Benajabhar, but when Swaroop Nagar police had a hand on it, no action could be taken, but when a guardian came late on Tuesday night to write news about his daughter, then somewhere the police went to the cafe. I raided.

This week the money was not received, only then the raid took place…
Son Bahadur, a manager working in the cafe, said, “Actually, this week they could not give money to the policemen, only then these people have raided. We run a cafe for normal tea, coffee and snacks, but due to the demand, we also started keeping hookah, we give money to the police every week. But business was down for the last one and a half weeks due to Eid, when the police raided today.

Police arrested only three people…
In the raid, the police arrested three persons from the spot, including cafe owner Mohammad Atif son Abdul Qadir, Manmohan Mishra and Kunal Rawat. Apart from this, all the good family members were left.

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