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Three Easy Ways To Use Marigold For Glowing Skin – News18

Marigold flowers are packed with antibacterial properties.

Marigold is one such flower that not only treats skin problems but also gives it a flawless appearance.

Flowers are used for different purposes by people on a daily basis. While they are commonly used to decorate temples, adorn womenโ€™s hair, and express feelings to your loved ones, they are also packed with antibacterial properties, thereby making them a must-add to your skincare routine.

Marigold is one such flower that not only treats skin problems but also gives it a flawless appearance. A strong antiseptic agent, marigold improves skin textures in more ways than one. In this article, letโ€™s unlock the benefits of marigold flowers on skin and tips to use them for glowing skin:

Benefits of Marigold For Skin

Revitalize dull and sagging skin

Soothes dry, sensitive, and damaged skin

These flowers possess calendula oil, widely used for healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving rash.

With their cooling tendencies, they help in soothing skin and enhancing clarity.

The face packs made using marigold flowers brighten the skin and keep it fresh.

These flowers are also very effective when it comes to enhancing glow.

Tips to Use Marigold Flowers For Glowing Skin

Skin Brightening Oil Using Almond Oil And Marigold Flowers

Take 80ml almond oil in a jar. Add one large marigold flower to it and place it aside for 15 days. Extract the petals using a cloth and make it a ritual to apply the oil at night regularly. This will brighten your skin effectively.

Face Mask For Glow

Take 1/2 cup of marigold petals and add 5 tbsp of rose water to it. Then, add 1/4 cup of peeled apple slices to the mixture. Grind the ingredients together to make a paste. Apply the mask to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Marigold And Honey Face Pack For Anti-Aging

Take 1/2 cup of marigold petals, half cup of diced papaya, 2 tbsp honey, and put them in a mixer. Add 2 tbsp rose water to it and grind them together to form a paste. Apply the soothing mixture on your face and massage for 1 minute for the best results.

Add Marigold Petals Or Oil To Water

For this one, all you need to do is add some droplets of marigold oil to water. In case you do not have marigold oil at your home, you can also add its petals to the lukewarm water. Then, wash your face with the water. It will soothe your skin.

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