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Three Hands on Rohit Sharma? WC-winning Captain’s Viral Pic Sparks Mystery – News18

Three Hands on Rohit Sharma? WC-winning Captain’s Viral Pic Sparks Mystery – News18

Rohit Sharma’s viral pic sparks ‘third mystery’ (Photo credits: Facebook/Yogesh Patel)

The curious case of the ‘third hand’: Another ‘third hand’ mystery emerges with Rohit Sharma’s post-India’s T20 World Cup win picture going viral.

Back in 2019, a snapshot from a ‘boys day out’ had already turned heads, but another intriguing mystery unfolded recently surrounding a picture of Rohit Sharma after India’s T20 World Cup triumph. This time, it featured Yogesh Patel, director of Swami Vivekananda International School, who played a pivotal role in Rohit’s education and offered him a scholarship back in the day.

In the viral photo, Yogesh Patel was seen embracing Rohit with one visible hand, but what caught everyone’s attention were the two extra hands mysteriously placed on Rohit’s shoulders. Internet detectives were quick to jump on the anomaly.

The picture soon became a sensation online, with humorous comments flooding in. Some humorously speculated it was a divine blessing, with one fan suggesting, “I think it is God’s hand. Which is giving blessing to Rohit Sharma to win all the trophy,” while others quipped about solving one mystery only to stumble upon another.

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However, keen-eyed observers pointed out possible explanations, suggesting the photo might have been altered using AI technology. “Rohit’s left shoulder clearly shows editing if you look closely. Also, Gemini AI logo is in the bottom left corner. So, there were three people in the photo, but the one who uploaded it used AI to remove the third person to get the solo picture with the GOAT, Rohit Sharma,” noted one user, hinting at digital manipulation to create a solo shot from a group photo.

Another added, “The person who posted is using samsung phone, used Galaxy AI to erase the third person in the frame. Check the bottom left there’s small logo.”

Interestingly, while the controversial photo made waves on Facebook, Patel’s Instagram post of the same moment showed no mysterious hand, leading many to believe the Facebook version was an AI-generated glitch.

Meanwhile, News18 cannot independently verify these claims.

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