Three rare migratory birds spotted in Salem

Birding enthusiasts from Salem have spotted and recorded three new rare migratory birds Whimbrel, Pacific Golden-Plover and Eurasian Wryneck during a bird walk organised recently. The enthusiasts said that it was first time these species have been recorded in Salem.

Birding enthusiasts under the Salem Ornithological Foundation conducted a bird walk recently as part of International October Big Bird Day celebrations here. Birding enthusiasts in teams visited various hotspots in the district and recorded 108 species as part of the event. The team, which went to areas close to the Mettur dam spotted and recorded Whimbrel, Pacific Golden-Plover and Eurasian Wryneck.

S.V. Ganeshwar, member of the organisation said, โ€œthese rare migratory birds are from the Northern European region and this is the first time they have been recorded in the district. Whimbrel and Golden-Plover are shore birds, while Wryneck belongs to the woodpecker family. Wryneck is a passing bird and it doesnโ€™t stay for long at a place. It has been earlier spotted in places like Coimbatore, Chennai and Tiruchi.

The birds were spotted by Angeline Mano, Sakthi Chinnakannu, Senthil Kumar, Vadivukkarasi and Subramania Siva. Ms. Mano said that the birds help in pest control that affect farm lands. She added that the presence of birds indicates presence of rich biodiversity in the place and it should be preserved.

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