Throwback: When KK did a sales job to marry his ladylove, the first meeting took place in the sixth grade

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Singer KK (Krishna Kumar Kunnath) married his childhood sweetheart Jyoti Lakshmi Krishna in 1991. Singer once revealed that he was unemployed at the time of marriage and had joined a sales job to marry Jyoti.

Did sales job to marry ladylove
The singer had told on The Kapil Sharma Show that he had joined the job of a salesman to marry Jyoti, as his in-laws wanted KK to do the job first, only then the marriage would take place. Also KK said, ‘I had that job for only 3 months, after which I left the job after getting upset.’ Singer’s wife supported him and he went on to make a career in the music industry.

KK and his wife Jyoti Krishna at the time of marriage.

KK and his wife Jyoti Krishna at the time of marriage.

KK dated only one girl in his life
KK further said, “I dated only one girl in my life and that is my wife Jyoti. I met her in class 6th. I was a very shy boy and could not even date Jyoti well. Sometimes My kids tease me a lot about this.”

Career started in 1999
KK’s first album Song ‘Pal’ was released in 1999, after which he gave superhit songs in films. KK shifted from Delhi to Mumbai for his career. Where he stepped into music and joined the list of big singers of Bollywood industry. KK has sung songs for not only Hindi but also Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati films in his career. KK sang around 35,000 jingles before he got his break in films.

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