Thus, the Adventures of Mum and Princess was created

All I can say is that I was born with a book in my hand. Reading was not only my pastime, but it was also my passion, my obsession, and fodder for my active mind. Books stimulated my brain to switch on the thinking process and the reasoning and led me to the peak of happiness.

I started with Enid Blyton and enjoyed her Famous five and Secret Seven series, which enhanced my vivid imagination to a brilliant and powerful one.

By this time I had read all Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. I was reading as many books as I could lay my hands on. Albeit damn interesting, books helped me pick up some confidence and optimism and admire how they made me admire the power of deduction, forces of nature, rain or sunshine, wind, or quietude. I fell in love with their novels so much so that an idea lurked in my mind that one day I will be an author.

I want to live up to my dreams and aspirations. I desire to become an established author.

Mum’s eyes sparkled and a flicker of amusement played in her eyes,
as I told her, that I want to write a refreshing, sweet detective story series for all ages.

I twiddled with the thought of who will be the main character. I lay on my back counting sheep with my left hand, the usual way I sought sleep while chanting my mantra.

The door was partly ajar and a ray of light was coming through it. I could discern mum with too much excitement was running like a chicken with its head cut off. I could immediately think of how mum had nourished my soul when my father’s old ticker stopped and the greatest catastrophe ever happened because the sly villain was desperate for a welcome addition to their bank account.

I looked dazedly then jolted into coherence as an intense feeling washed over me. I remembered how mum brought hope when my life went topsy turvy, with her exceptionally precise type of mind she straightened and tidied all the mess of medical and other documents which father left. She neatly tagged everything and neatened up so that we could survive and my medical documents aren’t missing and my treatment continues. Even now she goes pottering around the house cleaning and tidying every corner. She doesn’t believe in living in a whirlwind of mess. She has a very good eye for little details.

If anyone could arrange a series of apparently unrelated facts into a coherent picture it was Mum with her peculiar alertness. I decided I would write a few escapades and she would be my heroine.

Only she can bring the assassins to the justice of a mysterious death. She is good at ferreting out the facts in reality and she would do a jolly good job in the realms of imagination in my tales. She can stand against those with nerve, unmitigated gall who commit first-degree murder of someone’s desires and dreams. She can bring in hope through her extraordinary feats by pulling out a soul whose spirit and dreams have been killed.

I thought, how would mum look like in my novel?


Then I thought although I have an Indo-European story in mind, it looks rather Anglicized.

Then came to mind that first I ought to decide upon the central characters like Sherlock Holmes had Dr Watson as his companion and Poroit and Hastings went on expeditions.

 I wrote a come-to-the-battle sort of poetry, “Warrior Princess” after which the flames began, the quest for knowledge…life became magical. I had stopped thinking about my diseases and in the uneasy days of life started to live! Live the wonderful life that is in me! I felt that rare pulse of joy and was transfigured with joy. An ecstasy of happiness dominated me. I had also written for Sahitya Akademi with my painful Trigeminal neuralgia so I decided to play sidekick. 


Then again, I thought of the way Princess would look. 

This was the first thought and it stuck. Now all my life I have been clinging onto my mother for hopes, dreams, love which are essential for survival. So the entire picture of Mum and Princess happens to be as I started writing more characters came into my mind.

 The Varma-Sharma detective duo is the avatar of Thomson and Thompson. Their stories about detection are never known before and they are told in the department in attempts at jocularity.

Though the two detectives were not related and it was only a coincidence that their surnames rhymed, they were much attached. They were well-fitted for their jobs and were known far and wide as the most kind-hearted and successful detective teamed up with Mum and Princess, of modern times. 

Princess is intelligent and she helps Mum with her cases. She also amuses herself by her mischievous talk with Arin and Varma-Sharma detective duo.

Arin, who is the brother of Princess, is the inspector in the homicide department. Arin is dedicated to his work and performs it with integrity. He depends a lot on Mum’s deductions. Everyone in the police headquarters holds Mum in high esteem and sometimes asks for her

“The primary characters of the series and a few situations are drawn from the author’s own life enhanced by imagination and the stories carry messages.” 

I wrote six detective stories.

In the first story… ” Girl at the end of the telescope“, one day, Princess takes out her telescope and aims at the clouds and stars but instinctively peeks through it into a room’s window opposite her room towards opposite flats in a different society in the next buildings. Though she knows that it’s not a good manner to watch into other’s houses without consent, she continues to do so. She happens to see a beautiful young woman. As a task of watching that young girl, Princess sees something wrong and horrific and one day and the girl being murdered. She immediately informs her mother, they complain about the incident to the police. Here is the appearance of the Varma-Sharma detective duo and solve the case with great intelligence from Mum’s side.

The second story, ” Strength of will” of a businessman is a murder mystery in the ‘Aditya Villa’ located in the locality where Princess and her mother live. Complicated with the mystery of a double murder regarding an estate which is solved by Mum with the help of riddles left by the deceased. 

Next is a story, “The whim of time” is a mystery revolving around reincarnation. Here’s a new character, Princess’s brother Arin who gets transferred to the city as a cop and gets involved in the mystery. They solve an old unsolved murder case with the help of a boy remembering his past life in allusions.

Sweeter than revenge” is an engaging novelette where an observant lady, Mum with a passion for seeking the truth, goes on a holiday to a hill station, Phulmora with her ill but intelligent daughter Princess and son who is the head of the homicide department. There, quite unexpectedly they encounter a locked room mystery. Mum and Princess with the help of the police solve the baffling crime which puzzles everyone until the very end.

In ” Gambler’s odds” Princess is extremely optimistic and Mum and Princess attend a secret organization” Idle talk” which values friendship and relationship. Celebrity ladies gather together on the last day of every month for different reasons and a hand of poker and the winner must tell a real-life story which stirs you awake and remind you of the story even when you go home. The ending is not told until the next gathering. The thrill lies in the cleverness of the teller while telling the story concealing the answer. Here Princess tells a thrilling story full of classic songs and her oratory skills are noteworthy. In the story, a series of deaths occur which seem puzzling because it can’t initially be determined if they are murder or accident.

Mum and Princess in Mystic land” is the last in the series.

It is a science-fiction written in a science-fiction mode. 

This is a historical thriller written in a science-fiction mode. It has dark magic, time travel, kings, treachery, uprisings, mystery and is a perfect blend of everything for a “thrilling read.” is an accurate representation. I won’t describe the story here as the book should be read without any prior knowledge of its content, You will not be disappointed. Every word that paints each scene in exquisite detail so that you can imagine what is there and follow-through from scene to scene. The characters all come to life. You will be sucked into the mystic land story so that you will want to continue without pausing until you get to the end.

Thus, “The Adventures of Mum and Princess was created.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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