Tiger cub rescued at PTR

The staff of the Forest Department have rescued a sixty-day-old female tiger cub found stranded on the premises of the Mangala Devi temple on border with Tamil Nadu, inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR). It was found by the forest personnel of the wireless station around 11 a.m. on November 21 and the staff monitored its movements for the next two days.

The cub, weighing around four kg, was found in a tree hollow in the dense woods. It was weak and did not have any external injuries or visible deformities.

The tiger cub was suspected to have been abandoned by its mother. As the presence of its mother was not noticed, the cub was taken to a temporary shelter, as per the direction of assistant forest veterinary doctor Syam Chandran.

PTR east division deputy director said the Forest Department was providing special treatment and care to the animal as per the guidance of the forest veterinary doctor. The health condition of the cub was not fully normal now. The department installed camera traps, including at facilities, to trace its mother. A joint search was also conducted with the staff of the Megamalai wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu as the tiger cub was found abandoned in the border area.

The Forest Department plans to release the tiger cub with its mother after tracing the animal. The treatment and other procedures were conducted as per the guidelines of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), said the deputy director.

As per the last tiger census, the PTR has 35 to 40 tigers.

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