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Tiger Shroff Breaks Silence On ‘Farting’ In Front of Shraddha Kapoor In Viral Video: ‘Itna Loud…’ – News18

Last Updated: October 16, 2023, 13:16 IST

Tiger clarifies fart controversy to Kriti Sanon

Talking about Ganapath trailer, Tiger can be seen in dual roles – Guddu and Ganpath. Amitabh Bachchan is also part of the film.

Tiger Shroff has been getting a lot of praise for his upcoming film Ganpath. The trailer has been released and fans are loving it. Well, even the first song has also been released. The action thriller also stars Kriti Sanon in the lead role. However, Tiger recently grabbed attention after an old video went viral. In the video, he caught himself in an embarrassing moment. And now he has finally addressed the incident, shedding light on the humorous incident.

In the video, we can see Tiger and Shraddha Kapoor enjoying a fun activity during an interview. And then he suddenly sat on a horn and a sound came out which sounded like he has farted. The video garnered huge attention from netizens and he was trolled for the same. And now finally Reddit has shared a video in which Tiger is seen clarification about he same incident to Kirti. He says, “Alisha boli Shraddha ke samne toh paad diya.. Arre nai paada yaar. I said I didn’t farted… you know there is some sort of game where you sit on a horn. Toh main kuch jeet ke baith gaya uspe aur aise paad ka awaaz aya.” Then Kriti asked him, “U did?” On this Tiger replied, “Itna loud nai.” Kriti was seen laughing and said, “Thoda silent tha?” then Tiger said, Jab main paadta hu toh itna obvious nai karta hu”

Watch the whole video here:

Fans commented, “Kya fayda explain karne ka jab shraddha ke saamne paad dia.” Another wrote, “This is the first time I’m seeing his eyes and hearing his actual “talking” voice. Normally, he wears shades and puts up this husky voice.”

Talking about Ganapath trailer, Tiger can be seen in dual roles – Guddu and Ganpath. It appears that he fights for the right, loses his life only to resurrect as Ganpath. He is supported by a sword-wielding Kriti Sanon. The voiceover is by Amitabh Bachchan, who also makes an appearance in a rugged look, as Ganapath’s mentor. The film. according to reports, tells the story of a martial arts enthusiast who battles unexpected challenges to his dream career. The teaser began with Tiger’s character meditating in a mystical location, where he skillfully defends himself against attacking soldiers, showcasing his signature action style.

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