Tilak was returning from a function with a Tata Magic loader, the truck hit the front in Banthra. Tilak was returning from the ceremony with a Tata Magic loader, the truck hit the front in Banthra

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Six persons of the same village were killed in a horrific road accident in Lucknow on Friday night. 6 people in the car with them are seriously injured. Everyone was going back to Hardoi from a Tilak ceremony. In Banthra, his Tata Magic loader was hit by a truck from the front.

According to the police, some people from Hardoi had come by loader to attend the Tilak ceremony. They were returning at around 2:30 in the night. His car had turned from Banai Tirahe and reached near Latif Nagar on Mohan Road. Then the truck coming from the front hit him. The speed of both the vehicles was so fast that the loader got blown away. The people in it jumped and fell about 20 meters away. Some people got buried under the loader. When the police arrived, the vehicle was overturned and they were pulled out. In this, 6 had died on the spot. 6 persons were seriously injured. Those who were sent to the trauma center.

The driver was shocked by the light of the truck in the dark

According to the police, despite being a Mohan Road highway, it is a single lane. There is no street light on the entire road. Due to the clumps of trees on both sides, there is darkness on this road at night. When the light loader of the truck fell on the driver’s eye, he was shocked. Because of this, he could not side the car and the accident happened. Police say that such accidents are happening on this road every day.

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