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‘Time to leave the Earth’: Internet Miffed With New Roshogolla Roll

Last Updated: May 29, 2023, 14:20 IST

Kolkata vendor novels bizarre ‘Roshogolla rolls’, t internet doesn’t approve (Credits : Instagram)

In the video, the ball-shaped Roshogolla dumplings are added into what appears to be a spiced masala mixture.

A Kolkata food vendor is changing the way we look at sweet and syrupy roshogollas and foodies do not approve. From classic to fruity, the popular Bengali dessert comes in a variety of flavours, but can you ever imagine eating it as a roll? This food vendor from the Baghajatin area of Kolkata did, and he is selling Roshogolla Rolls for everyone to try. A preparation video of this strange food fusion has gone viral on Instagram, leaving classic dessert lovers utterly disgusted.

In the video, the food vendor initially flattens the dough for preparing the roll and cooks it in oil. The next step entails adding ball-shaped roshogolla into what appears to be a spiced masala mixture. Allowing the contents to rest aside, he then adds fried chopped onion and capsicum to the oil.

When it comes to plating, the flat roll is first topped with the fried veggies and then with the unusual roshogolla masala mixture. Before serving, the vendor also adds mayonnaise to enhance the taste.

Watch the video here:

While a section of Instagram users appeared to be curious about the reinvented dish’s taste, a majority of them were not happy. Reacting to the clip, a user commented, “Time to unfollow, and leave the Earth.” Another asked, “Seriously, Rashogolla with a roll? Is this the condition of our chefs?” One foodie joked, “Going to file a case. I am demanding 14 years in jail for those who made this.” One more said, “What is this? They shouldn’t have done this with Roshogolla at least.”

Many also highlighted the growth of such bizarre food videos hurting the emotions of people. One said, “Just can’t take these ! Chocolate tea, chocolate dosa, and this time rolls. What is happening in the name of food?” Another agreed, “Like seriously. This is ruining not just the taste of us Bengalis but also our emotions as well.” One more called it, “The height of ‘Kuch Bhi,’” another said it is an “Insult to Roshogolla.”

The making of this unusual ‘Roshogolla Rolls’ have been watched by over lakh people on Instagram so far.

Will you ever try this combo?

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