Tina turned 64: Sanjay Dutt, who was madly in love with Tina Munim, went on to beat Rishi Kapoor in suspicion of an affair with the actress.

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Bollywood actress Tina Munim is 64 years old. Born on February 11, 1957 in a Gujarati family in Mumbai, Tina is the youngest of 9 sisters. Tina wanted to be a part of Glamor World since childhood. He was fond of acting and modeling from the beginning. Tina, who started her Bollywood career with the film Des Pardes at the age of just 21, worked in many hit films. However, Tina remained in the headlines for her personal life more than films. In particular, his affair with Sanjay Dutt was very much discussed.

When Tina staked her career for Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt and Tina Munim were childhood friends. Both of them also completed college education, so the closeness grew between them and it turned into love. Tina was deeply in love with Sanjay Dutt. Seeing their love grow, Sunil Dutt thought of making ‘Rocky’ and launched his son. However, Tina Munim staked her career to work with Sanjay Dutt and refused to work in many of Dev Anand’s films.

Tina left together due to a habit of Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt was addicted to drugs. He used to get drunk all the time, due to which Tina was very angry with him. Although Tina used to handle Sanjay at every step. Even Tina had put her career at stake for Sanjay Dutt. Tina tried hard to convince Sanjay but when he was not ready to improve, he took the most difficult decision of his life. Tina leaves Sanjay forever and moves to America. Sanjay Dutt could not tolerate the shock of Tina’s departure and started getting drunken by alcohol day and night.

Sanjay Dutt was very positive about Tina
Sanjay Dutt had his first affair with co-star Tina Munim after making his Bollywood debut with Rocky (1981). Both of them shared screen together in the film and their affair discussions became common in the industry. Even Sanjay Dutt was extremely positive about Tina.

In an interview to Stardust magazine, Sanjay Dutt said, ‘I never interfered in my girlfriends career. Except for clothes. Sanjay Dutt had said- “I was very positive about Tina. She was just mine. I didn’t want her to expose herself onscreen. I am a little selfish. I mean her hits and flops just because I don’t have a career.” He might be sitting at home on walking. “

Sanjay Dutt reached to beat Rishi Kapoor on suspicion of affair with Tina
Actually Rishi Kapoor’s ‘Karz’ was released in 1980 before the release of ‘Rocky’ in 1981. Tina Munim was the only actress in both the films. Sanjay Dutt became suspicious that Rishi and Tina were having an affair, which led to a positive plan for Tina to beat Rishi with Gulshan Grover. Sanjay Dutt was driving towards Rishi Kapoor’s house when he found Neetu Singh on the way. On Neetu’s suggestion, Sanjay expresses his doubt. Neetu told that Tina and Rishi are just friends, they have no other relationship. After convincing Neetu Singh many times, Sanjay Dutt gave up his insistence on beating Rishi Kapoor.

Tina never took me away from my family: Sanjay Dutt
According to Sanjay Dutt, ‘I am an emotionally weak person. My mother had a strong influence on me. After his death, Tina took that place. Tina used to dominate my life. Yes, but she did not take any decision regarding my career. He never even forbade me to work with any of his rivals. ‘

In an interview to Stardust, Sanjay said – ‘Tina has never taken me away from my family. She was among those who used to guide and always pressurized me to go to my father and sisters. ‘


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