Tips for better management and improvement in routine vaccination in Auraiya. Tips for improving vaccination and better management in Auraiya routine

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A meeting was organized regarding regular vaccination in Auraiya district.

In Auraiya district, an orientation program was held on Tuesday to encourage the hesitant/apathetic families deprived of regular vaccination to get vaccinated. The event was organized for the routine vaccination of the members of the Block Response Team and for the Rural Health Hygiene Nutrition Day (VHSND).

The event was organized in association with UNICEF on Tuesday. During this, a detailed discussion was held on VHSND session related material, services and further improvement and better management of routine immunization programme. Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shishir Puri said that we have to work unitedly to improve routine vaccination.

A meeting was organized regarding regular vaccination in Auraiya district.

A meeting was organized regarding regular vaccination in Auraiya district.

Vaccination is necessary for children
He said that regular vaccination is the most powerful means of protecting children and mothers from deadly diseases. Said that to achieve the target of 100 percent vaccination, the target can be achieved by compiling all the data and making a better action plan. District Immunization Officer Dr. Rakesh Singh said that vaccination is necessary for all children. Vaccination protects against 12 deadly diseases.

Explained the role of block response team
Among them TB. Hepatitis B, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, Hib infection, pneumonia, diarrhea, measles and rubella, and meningitis. Due to not getting regular vaccination, its side effects can be seen in children. Children can become victims of these diseases. SM.Net, UNICEF Amit Bajpai explained the method of creating a web list of families hesitant and indifferent to vaccination. Apart from this, information was also given about the due list, as well as the role of the block response team, etc.

Correct method for data feeding
DMC Narendra Sharma discussed in detail the difficulties being faced in the vaccination program and explained the correct method for data feeding. Said that children and mothers can be saved from diseases by vaccination. Informed about reporting and recording of regular vaccination on time and according to the rules and determining the quality.

Compile data for goal attainment
Instructed that all block officers should compile the data to achieve the target by getting 100% vaccination, on the basis of which a better action plan can be made.Deputy CMO Dr. VP Shakya, WHO to SMO Chetan Sharma, BPM, HEO, MO and UNDP were present in the meeting. K VCCM Satendra Singh along with BMC Subodh Kumar Chaturvedi participated.

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