To address: Repeated head ache may result in acidity, risk of ulcers due to carelessness, know how to avoid

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3 hours agoAuthor: Gaurav Pandey

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  • Due to lack of information many times people consider acidity as a problem in the heart.
  • Waking up late at night and not waking up early in the morning can also cause acidity.

You must have seen and read a lot of acidity advertisements. This is a problem that may or may not have happened to everyone at times. According to a study, people who have acidity problem often or for a long time, should not take it lightly. Such people are more at risk of stomach-related diseases, such as stomach ulcers, blisters on the intestines, etc.

Let us know why there is acidity? What makes things like this? And how can you get relief from it. Dietician and health expert Dr. Nidhi Pandey in Raipur is answering all these questions…

What is acidity

Acidity is also known in the medical language as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). If there is acidity, burning and pain in the upper abdomen is also possible. This can cause problems such as loss of appetite, sour belching and stomach gas. Due to lack of information, people often consider acidity as a problem in the heart.

What are the problems of acidity?

When gastric glands cause excessive stomach acid secretion, there is a slight burning sensation in the chest. This is commonly called acidity. When the stomach acid reaches the top of the food pipe, it is called acid reflux. In such a situation, the belching occurs. Apart from this, if your head is hurting repeatedly, migraine is happening, then these are also symptoms of acidity.

What can cause acidity?

Waking up late at night and not waking up early in the morning can also cause acidity. If you are focusing on other things while eating food, like listening to a song, watching TV or talking to someone, etc. If you smoke and take alcohol and you are not yet a victim of acidity, it can happen very soon, such people take a long time to recover.

Why is stomach acid formed?

According to Doctor Nidhi, the food we eat goes through the food pipe to the stomach. There is acid secretion in the stomach every two hours, which is necessary to digest food. That is why many times when you eat food too late, the stomach starts burning.

If there is more acid in the stomach, then what is to be feared?

Yes, if excess acid is produced in the stomach, it can cause blisters in the intestine. It is also called ulcerative colitis. Hemoglobin may decrease.

If you take antacid medication for a long time in the treatment of acidity, then it reduces the iron, magnesium and other minerals in the body gradually, but the acidity does not decrease, the acidity increases again on the day they will not eat. Will go.

What is the treatment of acidity?

It takes three to four months. Contact a doctor or dietician for treatment. But first identify what is causing you acidity by taking things.

Turmeric is most effective in treating acidity

According to a published study in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, turmeric is very effective in treating acidity. The curcumin compound found in turmeric is beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. This helps protect against acid reflux and indigestion.


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