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Today is the second day of Ranji match in Rohtak: Haryana scored 100 runs for 6 wickets; Decisive match with Rajasthan today

Rohtak3 hours ago

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Chau, located in village Lahli of Rohtak. Players playing in a Ranji match at Bansilal Cricket Stadium on Sunday.

Chau, located in village Lahli of Rohtak, Haryana. Ranji Trophy match is going on between Haryana and Rajasthan team at Bansilal Cricket Stadium. The match was postponed for two days due to bad weather. When the weather cleared on Sunday, the competition began. Today on Monday there will be a decisive match between the two teams. Cricket lovers have their eyes fixed on this.

However, on the first day of the Ranji match on Sunday, Haryana's batsmen

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