Today the mercury will reach 42 degrees, and be ready to bear the heat. Humidity since morning in Meerut, heat has increased, today the mercury will reach 42 degrees, and be ready to bear the heat

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Since Thursday morning in Meerut, the condition of the people is miserable due to the heat. People are troubled by the scorching sun and humidity since 7 in the morning. The temperature dropped to 39 degrees on Wednesday night. The maximum temperature is 37 degrees on Thursday morning. Although the temperature has dropped, people are not feeling relief due to the strong sunlight and humidity. Today’s temperature is expected to go up to 42 degrees.

June will heat up now
According to meteorologist N Subhash, there will be more heat in June. People will have to bear more heat, sun. get ready for. On Wednesday, the first day of June, the temperature was above 41 degrees, which is expected to go up to 42 on June 2. In the coming days, the temperature will be high due to heatwave. There will be strong sunlight with the heat. There will also be an effect of Nautapa. There is no chance of rain yet.

Consuming more water will save
According to Physician Dr. Tanuraj Sirohi, there is a lot of heat outbreak at this time, in such a situation it is good to consume more and more beverages, water. Keep drinking plenty of water. Drink water before leaving home, carry a water bottle with you. Consume more juicy fruits in food. You can also drink curd, lassi, buttermilk, juice, whey, sherbet or shikanji, lemonade, coconut water. Drink more home-prepared beverages instead of market-packed juices and keep the body hydrated.

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