Together with the smugglers, they were taking huge amount, themselves got caught in the trap of the police. Together with the smugglers, they were taking huge amount, themselves got caught in the trap of the police

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The nexus of police with smugglers is not new. But in Pilibhit, along with the smugglers, two soldiers made a plan to grab ₹ 60 thousand. On getting information about the whole matter, the SP has handed over the investigation of the matter to the CO after presenting the line to both the constables.

Darhasal, the police of neighboring district Shahjahanpur had laid a trap to nab the drug smugglers of Puranpur. In order to lay the trap, the police of the neighboring district came in contact with the drug smuggler as a customer. The whole deal was settled for ₹ 1 lakh 60 thousand.

Smugglers reached the spot after listening to 60 thousand
The policemen who came as customers reached near Puranpur Mandi. The smugglers also reached the spot after hearing that the policemen had ₹ 60 thousand in cash. Constable Anuj and Sajid posted in Puranpur police station involved in the conspiracy also reached the spot. Where khaki started to shine.

Policemen had arrived as customers
The policemen of the neighboring district, who came as a customer, mistook them as smugglers and took both the soldiers into custody. The soldiers told both of them that they were policemen. After many pleadings, he freed himself. Information about this entire matter was also given to Puranpur Kotwal by the police personnel of neighboring district.

allegation of smuggling
Puranpur Kotwal Ashok Pal presented his investigation report for action against both the constables when it came to light that there was a nexus with the smuggling of careless policemen. Late night, the SP has put both the constables on the line in the matter of negligence in duty. The investigation of the whole case was handed over to Puranpur CO Virendra Vikram Singh.

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