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Tokyo Gets Govt-run Dating App To Recover Dropping Birth Rates; How It Works – News18

Tokyo Gets Govt-run Dating App To Recover Dropping Birth Rates; How It Works – News18

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Japanese officials have deemed dropping birth rates as one of the most pressing concerns in the country. (Photo Credits: X/@elonmusk)

In 2022, about 90,000 babies were born in Tokyo, a 15.2 per cent drop from a decade earlier.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is now launching its first state-sponsored dating app in an attempt to boost the country’s dropping birth rates. Government officials have assessed that low birth rates can be improved if more people get married. However, the existing dating apps have failed to match people with long-term relationship goals for a number of reasons, including fraudulent identities. With a government-funded initiative, the people who sign up for the app will go through a detailed verification process.

The verification process will include documentation to prove the person is legally single and sign a letter expressing their wish to get married. People will also need to submit tax certifications that clarify their annual salary. Additionally, an interview of the applicants will follow after the verification process. It will be taken by the app operators. Once this extensive verification is done, people will be able to make their profiles and start the app.

A Tokyo official spoke to The Asahi Shimbun about the app and said, “We hope that this app, with its association with the government, will provide a sense of security and encourage those who have been hesitant to use traditional apps to take the first step in their search for a partner.”

As reported by The Independent, the Tokyo city administration has allocated 300 million yen (approximately Rs 16,00,00,000) in the 2024 fiscal budget to “promote marriages through apps and other projects”. These moves come after Japan saw declining birth rates for eight consecutive years. In 2023 alone Japan recorded more than twice as many deaths as new babies.

X owner and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who is the father of 11 and a pronatalist, reacted to this initiative and wrote, “I’m glad the government of Japan recognises the importance of this matter. If radical action isn’t taken, Japan (and many other countries) will disappear!”

In addition to launching special dating apps, the government is also expanding financial initiatives to help prospective parents by spending on childcare programs and promoting wage hikes for younger workers. Back in 2023, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said they must take “urgent steps” to stop Japan’s declining birth rate. He described the urgency of the issue as a “now or never” situation to bring the age equilibrium in Japanese society.

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