Tokyo Olympic: The chairperson of the organizing committee will be the woman; Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori had to resign due to comments on women

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  • Tokyo Olympics The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee will be the Woman; Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori Had To Resign Due To Comments On Women

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The Tokyo Olympic Corona will be delayed by one year from July 23 to August 8 this year.

Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee chairman Yoshiro Mori, who described women as talkative, has to resign from his post. On February 3, 83-year-old Mori, who was the Prime Minister of Japan, said at an executive meeting of the Olympic Committee, “Women speak a lot because they have a lot of rivalry.” Meetings tend to be longer if there are more women in board meetings.

If a woman member raises her hand to speak, all other women will think that they should also speak something. If you increase the number of women in board meetings, then this can increase problems. This statement was expressed by Mori expressing concern about efforts to increase the representation of women in the Olympic panel, a statement which was criticized worldwide including Japan.

Mori apologized for his statement after holding a press conference

The next day, on February 4, Mori admitted at the press conference that his statement was false and did not match the sentiments of the Olympic Games. However, he refused to resign. When the controversy escalated, he said before the executive committee meeting on Friday that he should not have said what he said as the chairman. He then resigned.

Tokyo Olympic corona delayed by one year

Mori’s resignation may be overshadowed by preparations for the Olympic Games starting a year late (23 July 2021) due to Corona. The next president has not been announced, but according to the New York Times, the position will now be given to a woman only. For this, 56-year-old Siko Hashimoto, the Cabinet Minister for Olympic Affairs, is most suitable. It is also the attempt that the new president should have a higher understanding of gender equality, diversity and inclusion. Japan’s Human Rights Watch director Canny Doi described it as a small victory for women’s rights.

10% in Japan’s parliament, only 5.3% women in listed companies

Japan was ranked 121 out of 153 countries in the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Gap report. 5.3% of women in Japan’s listed companies are board members. The figure in parliament is just 10%, one of the lowest levels in the world (135th). India was ranked 112 in the Gender Gap.

Women in Board of Directors

Less than 45%: France, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand

. Less than 30%: UK, Israel, US

. Less than 20%: Austria, Hungary, India, Turkey, China, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Indonesia.


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