Told by video call, neither to eat, nor to sleep in bed, life in the shadow of fear, Indian embassy is not even helping | Told by video call, neither to eat, nor to sleep in bed, life in the shadow of fear, Indian embassy is not even helping

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Amroha student trapped in Ukraine narrated the ordeal

Today is the third day of the Ukraine and Russia attack. The situation in Ukraine continues to worsen. More than 2 dozen students of Amroha are stranded in Ukraine. Nurul Hasan, a resident of Zoya, Amroha, has made a video viral from Ukraine. In which he says that he had a flight on 24 February, but after the explosion at the airport, he was not allowed to go to the airport. Because of which he got stuck in Ukraine itself. He is accompanied by his two sisters Qamar Jahan and Umar Jahan. Along with this, he told in the video that about 200 medical students of India are living life with him in the shadow of fear in a college hall. For many days I am not getting proper food, nor is there any arrangement to sleep. The water has also run out. On the other hand, Mohammad Umar, father of Noor-ul-Hasan, a resident of Amroha, is also worried about the children. At the same time, he has demanded from the Indian government that all the children should be brought from Ukraine as soon as possible. Also, talk to the President of Ukraine and help him. So that children do not have to worry about eating and drinking.

List of students of Amroha stranded in Ukraine

Anjali Gautam, daughter of Dr. Gautam resident of Amroha, has returned to Amroha 3 days ago.

1- Kailash (medical student) son Narottam Singh, Gajraula.

2– Salman Khan, resident of Payati Kala village of Didoli police station area.

3– Naved Haider, (MBBS student) son Khaleq Haider, resident of Saidangali.

4– Shah Kamal (MBBS) son Dr. Jamshed Kamal, resident of Amroha.

5– Mohammad Raza, (MBBS) resident of Naugawan Sadat.

6- Nurul Hasan, Qamar Jahan, Umar Jahan, all three medical students, father Mohammad Umar, resident Zoya.

7– Tariq, Kelkheda village.

8- Mohammad Hashim, Raipur Khurd village.

9- Anshika, Zoya.

10- Farhan, Maroof Hassan, Mohammad Faiz, Amroha.

11- Salman, Javed Anwar, Mohammad Anas, Zoya.

12- Mohammad Sharik, resident of Bilna village.

13- Mahfouz Siddiqui, Atarasi Kalan.

14– Abhay Kumar, Kailasa Road Amroha.

15- Rahnuma Saifi, daughter Israr Saifi, resident of Kamelpur Dhanaura.

More than 20 students of Amroha district are trapped in Ukraine.

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