Told how manure will be made from stubble, it will give good yield of crops | Told how manure will be made from stubble, it will give good yield of crops

Hamirpur39 minutes ago

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In Hamirpur, the Agriculture Department gave the slogan of ‘Do stubble, take fertilizer’.

The Agriculture Department has taken a good initiative to get rid of the polluted environment in Hamirpur. Farmers have started making awareness. In this awareness campaign, the department has given the slogan of ‘Take Parali Do Khad’. The officials of the Agriculture Department also appealed to the farmers under the farmer awareness program. He said that instead of burning the stubble in the field, plow it with new agricultural machines. Due to which the manure becomes good and the crop is also good.

Fertilizer will be made from straw with the help of new equipment

It has been started from Mishripur village of Kekurara development block area of ​​the district. On this occasion, agricultural scientist Dr. Shalini told the farmers that after sowing the paddy field with Happy Seeddrill, give water to the field. And spray urea. Due to which the straw will rot and act as manure.

Farmers donated stubble in Gaushala

Krishi Vigyan Kendra in-charge Dr. Mo Mustafa informed that Happy Seeddrill has been marked. It will be used in the fields and information will be given to the farmers. At the same time, DM Dr Chandrabhushan Tripathi said that this year the incident of stubble burning has not come in the satellite. He urged the farmers to donate stubble for the cowshed. On his appeal, many farmers of the village have donated stubble for the cowshed. Which was also sent to the Gaushala.

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