Tom Cruise’s anger: Tom Cruise raging on crew members who broke the Corona Guideline, said – People trust us and what we are doing

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7 minutes ago

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Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, shooting for ‘Mission Impossible 7’ in Britain, got angry with his crew members. In fact, during the shooting, he saw some members of the team violating the Corona Guideline. After which the actors could not stop themselves and their own team members became the victim of their anger. Tom shouts at some of the men, threatening to expel them from work.

The economy has crashed due to Kovid-19 where many people have lost their jobs. At the same time, some people are careless about it. The actor did not like this at all and in anger, he lashed out at the people.

Audio clip getting viral on social media
The audio clip of Tom Cruise angrily screaming is going viral on social media. In the clip, Tom said – “Because of us, films are being made in Hollywood, people believe in us and what are we doing?” I talk to studios, insurance companies and producers every day, they have expectations from us. Because of us thousands of people get employment. I should not see this carelessness again. ”

Corona furious when Tom worked with the industry
Tom further said – Many people have come on the road when the film industry is closed. Many people do not have food to eat, many people do not have the money to pay fees for studies. I sleep while thinking all these things at night. Tom has given strict instructions to the entire team including crew members to follow the Corona Guidelines.


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