Tomorrow also can go to the nearest booth and get the vaccine to protect against corona. Vaccination in 17 clusters, 66 booths; Tomorrow also can go to the nearest booth and get the vaccine to protect against corona

Meerut9 hours ago

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Anti-coronavirus vaccine will be installed at 17 clusters and 66 routine booths in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh tomorrow. There is still time for those who have not yet got the vaccination, they can go to their nearest booth or cluster and get the vaccine.

According to the information, the campaigns of cluster vaccination which were canceled in the district have been routineised. District Immunization Officer Dr. Praveen Gautam said that the cluster campaign was stopped due to less vaccine dosage from behind. Due to which people were facing difficulty in getting vaccinated. Keeping in mind the sentiments of the people, the department had demanded a dose of vaccination from the government.

On Friday, 11900 people will be vaccinated on 17 clusters. At routine 66 booths, 16430 people will get the vaccine. A total of 28330 people will be vaccinated tomorrow. So far 8, 75,000 people have got the corona vaccine in Meerut. Right now half the population is such that vaccination is yet to be done.

Still slow vaccination in Muslim-majority areas
Even after the health department’s campaigns and awareness, the vaccination campaign in Meerut is still slow among Muslim dominated areas, slums and poor category people. People are still scared of getting the vaccine here. There are misconceptions in the mind. Vaccine shortage is also making it difficult for 1.5 million people to get vaccinated by the end of July.

Vaccination status in Meerut division
District Past Ranking Current Ranking
Bulandshahr 25 16
gautam budh nagar 1 1
Meerut 2 2
Ghaziabad 5 4
Baghpat 7 8
Hapur 60 57

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