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Tomorrow Baba Vishwanath will get turmeric from Maharashtra. Tomorrow Baba Vishwanath will apply turmeric from Maharashtra: Turmeric Holi is played 8 times a year in Khandoba temple; Shiva wedding rituals will start from tomorrow – Varanasi News

Varanasi2 minutes ago

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This is Khandoba temple of Maharashtra. A grand Holi of Haldi is played here 8 times a year.

The bugle of Mahashivratri celebrations has started in Kashi. With this, the wedding rituals of Baba Vishwanath and Mata Gaura have also started. On March 6, turmeric brought from Maharashtra will be applied to Baba Vishwanath. This turmeric has been brought to Kashi from the mysterious temple Khandoba located in Pune, Maharashtra. It is believed that Khandoba plays Haldi Holi 8 times in a year. Turmeric is applied all over the temple in such a way that it shines like gold. The color of the entire premises and air also becomes like turmeric.

This was dedicated to Baba Vishwanath at Tedhineem in Gaudoliya, Varanasi.

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