Top 10: Sidhu Moosewala used to take 8-10 lakhs for a song, B-Prak, Guru Randhawa are also the most favorite singers of Punjab

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Famous singer of Punjab Sidhu Musewala was brutally murdered in broad daylight on 29th May. The fans of Sidhu Moosewala’s singing and songs were crazy. He started his singing career in the year 2016. Sidhu used to charge 6 to 8 lakh rupees for a song. He may not be with us anymore, but his songs will always be on people’s lips. Apart from Sidhu, there are many other Punjabi singers whose songs are heard not only in India but all over the world. So let’s know about such top 10 Punjabi singers-


Badshah is a rapper and singer who has made a splash in the Punjabi music industry to Bollywood. Badshah’s rap and voice have now been heard in many films as well. At the same time, their fees are much higher than other singers. According to media reports, Badshah charges up to 20 lakhs for a song.

Guru Randhawa

The singing of Guru, who was the uncrowned king of the Punjabi industry, is also playing a lot in Bollywood. Initially, he used to get only 500 rupees for every show. Now he charges around 15 lakh rupees for a song. Recently, Guru’s song Dance Meri Rani was in the news a lot.


In the film industry these days, B Praak, who is making everyone crazy with his voice, is at the heights where every singer dreams of reaching. Baarish Ki Jaaye, Teri Mitti are his most liked songs at the moment. The pair of Bi-Prak and Jani has also won the National Award for Teri Mitti. B-Prak wanted to become a singer since childhood, but his father felt that he should become a music director because B Praak used to make music from his mouth. When B Praak used to go to learn music, his father used to give him 30 rupees a day. B-Prak charges around Rs 15 lakh for a song.

Diljit Dosanjh

Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh charges around 8 to 10 lakh rupees for singing a song. Diljit has also worked in many Bollywood films like Udta Punjab, Sooraj Pe Mangal Bhari. For working in a Bollywood film, 4 crores is charged.

hardy sandhu

Hardy Sandhu has given many superhit songs to Punjabi cinema so far, which have been given a lot of love by the fans. Hardy’s first hit song was Tequila Shot. This song took his career to the heights. After that he never looked back.
AP Dhillon

Amritpal Singh Dhillon is popularly known as AP Dhillon in the music industry. He has become a famous singer in the Punjabi industry. He is known for songs like Sada Pyar, Excuses, Brown Munde. Two of his songs Excuses and Brown Munde are global hits.


The name of Punjabi singer Kaka is also included in the popular singers. He shared one of his songs Soorma on YouTube in 2019. This song got a lot of popularity and since then Kaka has been in constant rage. Kaka has emerged as a new star in Punjabi music due to many songs like Libas, Teeji Seat, Dhur Pendi, Tennu Ni Khabaran. Within just a year, Kaka’s popularity has grown so fast that most of his songs have views in crores.

jus standard

Jas Manak is also a Punjabi Singer, Model and Musician. Jass Manak achieved a big position in a very short time. He made his singing debut in 2017. Jas Manak’s song Prada and Lehenga is quite popular. This song got 4 million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

Jassi Gill

Punjabi singer and actor Jassi Gill has also made a separate identity not only in the Punjabi film industry but also in Hindi cinema. His popularity in the industry has increased so much that he has a huge fan following in Hindi regions as well. During his career, Jassi Gill has given many superhit songs like Bapu Zamindar, Laden, Gabru, Nakhre, ‘Nikle Current’ and ‘Oye Hoye Hoye’.

Shari Mann

If you are a fan of original Punjabi songs, then you must have listened to Shari. Shari Mann is a famous singer of Punjab whose songs are well-liked. He has sung top class songs like “Hostel”, “3 Peg” and “Love You”.

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