Total 3 lakh 67 thousand 380 consumers, highest defaulters in Tanda and Jalalpur. ambedkarnagar 11 billion electricity bill dues of consumers in ambedkarnagar,Total 3 lakh 67 thousand 380 consumers, highest defaulters in Tanda and Jalalpur

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Consumers owe 11 billion electricity bills

In Ambedkar Nagar, electricity department owes consumers more than Rs 11 billion. To recover these outstanding bills, campaigns are run from time to time by the electricity department, but the department is not getting as much success in recovering the bills as it should. There are thousands of consumers, who have died, then there are some such consumers who once got the connection, they neither deposited the bill nor are getting any record of them. In such a situation, the electricity department is not able to recover 11 billion.

Electricity bill of lakhs is due on consumers

There are more than one lakh 60 thousand consumers, on whom the arrears of more than 10 thousand and less than one lakh are. At present, there are more than 1 lakh 60 thousand consumers in the district, on whom electricity bill arrears of more than Rs 10 thousand and less than Rs 1 lakh are due. There are more than 21 thousand such consumers in the district who have an outstanding of more than one lakh rupees. The connection of many of these consumers has also been disconnected by the electricity department.

There are total 3 lakh 67 thousand 380 consumers in the district

There are connections in the names of three lakh 67 thousand 380 consumers in the electricity department in the district. These consumers are supplied electricity from 40 sub-stations of the district.

Most defaulters in Tanda and Jalalpur

Due to the presence of power looms in Tanda and Jalalpur, excessive electricity bills of the consumers are outstanding. It is said that earlier the loom used to get electricity at a fixed rate, but now they have to pay the bill according to the meter. Superintending Engineer Amba Prasad Vashisht said that a campaign is being launched to make the consumers to deposit the electricity bill, and they are appealed to deposit the bill. Electricity is cut for non-payment of bill.

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