Training given to 12 TB champions, will make people aware about tuberculosis. Training given to 12 TB champions, will make people aware about tuberculosis

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TB champions in Chitrakoot will clear the misconceptions about tuberculosis and make people aware. For this, he will take the help of posters, pamphlets. On Tuesday, 12 TB champions were given training to this effect. After the training, the Chief Medical Officer unveiled the IEC material.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bhupesh Dwivedi said, TB Champions have been told in the training to make TB patients aware that once the treatment starts, never stop the medicine in the middle. By doing this, TB becomes severe and takes the form of MDR. In case of MDR, the medicine has to be taken for a long time. Tell patients to stop TB medicine only if the doctor recommends it.

Along with this, every person who is close to TB patient for a long time must get TB test done. Such a person has to take medicine for prevention under TB preventive therapy. District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. BK Aggarwal informed that TB champions will tell about the symptoms of TB by taking pamphlets and other IEC material among the influential people of the society.

Will motivate that people with symptoms of TB should get free check-up done in a government hospital. If TB is confirmed, start treatment as soon as possible. Such information is given in the training. Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, District Community Coordinator of World Vision India Institute Atul Gupta and TB Champion were present on this occasion.

These are the symptoms of TB
The DTO told that if there is a cough for two consecutive weeks, there is blood in the sputum. If there is sweating with fever at night, rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, then these can be symptoms of TB. In such a situation, get the TB test done free of cost at the nearest testing center. If TB is confirmed in the test, then take treatment till complete recovery.

Will give such messages from IEC

  • TB is a contagious disease, it is completely curable with treatment.
  • Only lung TB is contagious.
  • When a person with TB coughs or speaks in an unsafe way (without wearing a handkerchief, mask in the mouth), the infection is transmitted through the air.

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