Training went on till late night in Azamgarh Collectorate, polling parties will go by fixed vehicle. Azamgarh Training given for Gorakhpur-Faizabad graduate election

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District Election Officer Vishal Bhardwaj conducting a preparatory meeting for the Gorakhpur Faizabad graduate elections in Azamgarh district.

Azamgarh District DM Vishal Bhardwaj held a meeting regarding the Gorakhpur-Faizabad graduate elections to be held on January 30. The employees who conducted this meeting were also given training by the master trainers. It was told that the election has not been done from the ballot box yet, those members of the polling team should understand very well the opening and closing of the ballot box. All the people stay on the duration of the Election Commission of India during the election duty.

It was told that the instructions of the Election of India will apply to your activities. Booth sensitivity is the same as it is during other elections. It is clear from graduate election that only graduate and educated people are voters. That’s why only experienced people are engaged in election duty. The Sector Magistrate will necessarily check and send the polling party.

Training given to officers and employees regarding graduate elections in Azamgarh district.

Training given to officers and employees regarding graduate elections in Azamgarh district.

Polling parties will go by designated vehicle
The DM directed that the polling party would go by the designated vehicle only. The ballot box will be taken only by the vehicle provided by the election office. In case of vehicle breakdown, another vehicle will be arranged immediately. In any case other vehicles will not be used for this. In any case, the ballot box should reach the polling station only. The presiding officer himself will bring the ballot box along with the entire team and security personnel. After the polling is over, the prescribed vehicles will be brought under the prescribed security only. After depositing the ballot box, a special vehicle will have to be taken to Gorakhpur under the leadership of the magistrate.

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