Tribal culture: colorful costumes, dancing with rhythm and rhythm tied at the waist

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BhopalOne hour ago

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Artist performing Gudumbaja.

  • Nimari singing and Gudumbaja dance performance in tribal museum

Sudha Pagare and fellow artists performed ‘Nimari Gayan’ and Lekhpal Dhurve and other artists performed the Gond tribal dance ‘Gudumbaja’ in the ‘Gamak’ series at the Tribal Museum.

The presentation began with ‘Nimari singing’ by Sudha Pagare and colleagues. In which – Birth song- ‘Nand ghar jhuli rahyo palana’, Ganesh bhajan- ‘Aarti ma abir-gulal chalvo sakhi’, Devi song- ‘Mata pandar – panad diya balu thara’, Banna song- ‘Badhaya kaushalya ki lap ma’, Narmada songs- ‘Jeka Khola me Reva Ko Lad’ and farewell songs- ‘Maat Kahe Baat Bahan Sun Sundari’ etc. were presented.

Artists performing Nimari singing.

Artists performing Nimari singing.

The second presentation was performed by Gond tribal dance ‘Gudumbaja’ by Lekhpal and companions. Gudumbaja dance is a traditional dance of Dulia, a sub-caste of Gond tribe. The tribe also has a long tradition of Gudum instrumental playing. Gudum, Duff, Manjira, Timki etc. through the shehnai along with the instruments of Gond Karma and Saila perform to the tunes of songs. Artists of this caste are essentially invited to perform Manglik recitation, especially on marriage and other ritual occasions. The dance is performed with various postures, with colorful costumes and gudum tied at the waist, with rhythm and rhythm.


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