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Triptii Dimri’s Parents Were 'Rattled' Over Her Intimate Scene In Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal: ‘Why That…’ – News18

Triptii Dimri played the role of Zoya in Animal.

Triptii Dimri opened up about her parents reaction to her intimate scene in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal.

Triptii Dimri has revealed her parents were ‘taken aback’ after watching her intimate scenes in Animal. The actress had gained popularity after her performance in Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal. Not only was she dubbed as the national crush for her performance in the movie, she had also grabbed eyeballs with her bold intimate scenes in the movie with Ranbir. In a new interview, Triptii revealed that she had thorough discussions with her family about the importance of that scene in the film.

Speaking with Vogue India, Triptii recalled, “My parents were completely rattled when they saw it. We had to have a long discussion on why that scene was crucial.” However, the actress also added that she was aware her parents were proud of her. Triptii shared another instance that happened soon after the release of her debut film Laila Majnu. His father had called her on stage after a family event, “He just wanted to show off, but I went blank. That’s how afraid I was. It’s taken a lot of time for me to get used to being in the public eye,” she stated.

Speaking with Bollywood Hungama, Triptii had earlier said, “My parents got a little taken aback. (They said) ‘We have never seen something like this in films and you have done it.’ It took them time to get over that scene. They were very sweet to me though. They were like, ‘You shouldn’t have done that but it’s okay. As parents, we will obviously feel this.’”

“I told them I am not doing anything wrong. It’s my job and as long as I am comfortable and safe, I don’t see any problem in that. I am an actor and I have to be 100 percent honest with the character that I play and I did that,” she added.

Triptii had previously opened up about filming the scene. She revealed that only five people were allowed on the set the day it was being shot. She added that Ranbir was constantly checking on her if she was okay while filming the scene.

“Luckily, in my case, I’ve been dealing with whether I was doing the rape scene in Bulbull (her 2020 Netflix film) or this one, they kept asking me if I am okay. They also ensured that there were no more than five people, including the director, the DOP, and the actors during the scene. Nobody else was allowed on set, all the monitors were shut, and they were like, ‘this is the scene we are doing. If at any point you feel you’re uncomfortable, let us know. We’ll go at your pace,” Triptii said as quoted by Instant Bollywood.

“Every five minutes, Ranbir Kapoor was checking up on me and asking, ‘Are you okay, are you comfortable?’ I think these things really matter. People are sensitive to these things,” the actress added.

Triptii’s popularity has shot up since the release of Animal. The actress has witnessed a massive jump in her followers following the release of the film. Triptii Dimri’s follower count has increased by 320 percent in the last few days. The actress, who had 6 lakh followers until last last year, now enjoys a following of 5 million. Popular stars including Alia Bhatt, Navya Nanda, and Kusha Kapila among others also follow Triptii.

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