Trolls have an amazing sense of humor, but zero common sense

Have you ever messed with the so-called trolls online? If you are a social media user you will be able to relate yourself to what I mean to say.  Social media has become an integral part of our life and those who are social media savvy should be expert in handling trolls.   Trolling is a culture of spreading hatred, jealousy being the online quarrel starter, upsetting people by posting off-topic, rabble-rousing comments in online communities. Sometimes they purposely say something to get a rise out of other users, sometimes they want to raise some other issue. On every comment thread of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram you will find trolls with their half hilarious, full irksome messages. Sometimes trolling is very awful and disgusting too. We should ignore those hateful comments as they come from himbos and bimbos. Trolls are the best stalkers, worst critics, they can be clowns to make you laugh, boil your blood and can eat your brain too. Some people start trolling on your topic, theme, some are aimless trolls and just go off the topic. Trolling is of course very distasteful remarks about someone, but it may have a funnier side too. So just have some ginger tea and have some fun. Many people, celebrities and brands opt to reply to trolls through humor which is quite side-splitting.

The trolls have a tremendous sense of humor, and presence of mind too. The way they answer is quite funny at times. Suppose you post your photo while eating hotdog;

A- Enjoying yummy hot dogs.
B-Is the dog really hot?
C-Yeah, much hotter than your Bf….

I love to read the funniest social media tolling and enjoy reading particularly, when both parties attack each other with their epic replies, and wits. Starting from actors, politicians, writers, journalists all are trolled on social media. This habit of reading comments, I have picked up from one of my ex-colleague who loves to read social media trolling. Yeah, without having any prior knowledge about a topic you can understand the whole story from the comments sections, or reading comment threads. The way they research on the topic is quite astonishing. Suppose you know X is a great actor, but they can say before acting she was a bar dancer, she has gone through six breakups, two failed marriages, and I get surprised from where they get such information.

Starting from our Honourable PM to popular actors who are not trolled?  The celebrities have become troll resistant the way viruses become drug resistant. They just don’t care about it, or some prefer to attack the trolls with their witty replies while some slap them with their facts and truths, and that's the best way to fight with this type of bacteria. Recently, a great writer was trolled for writing a few lines on returning Sahitya Academy Award, someone trolled him “If you get Sahitya Academy Award, I will return my ration card in protest.” Another great journalist cum author announced happily to share that her first book is number one in the Amazon in-politics category and she was trolled “many congratulations ma’am, how many copies did you buy”? Similarly, someone had trolled an eminent politician “Sir I am a big fan of yours, pleasantly surprised to find you are among the characters in the bus scene of the movie Andaz Apna apna.” It was so irritating that he had to give clarification that it was not him. This is how trolls say whatever comes to their minds.

A popular brand of male grooming products once commented on another brand’s advertisement asking “is the fire sauce not made with any real fire? Seems like false advertising.” Later one replied “is your deodorant made with old spices?” These are really funny to read. Trolls have created an open culture of insulting others without any fear, or respect. But the way they scold celebrities, or people even after knowing that they are going through some worst phases in life is really eerie. They spread a culture of hatred. If someone has done some crime, or big mistake they don’t spare them and scold them endlessly. But, some people go on trolling without any special reason and they really don’t hesitate to make falooda of anyone’s emotions, or omelette of anyone’s feelings. Sometimes it is okay, but sometimes it is very offensive. Trolls have presence of mind, very good researchers, but sometimes very callous, merciless too. They just forget in what situation they are saying what.

Trolls are PHD in everything, a great sense of humor, but zero common sense. Just because an actor died in an accident, or in some disease that does not mean he had affair with so many girls, and what kind of hard words they use.  They could have at least saved these words for some other occasions like rape, black money, smuggling, or drug peddling cases or politicians saving the murderers, perhaps their comments would not have pinched a lot then. But, death, disease, fatal accident, no one even scolds his enemy. Few days back, I was going through some online news and I found a celebrity who died of some disease. The fans, followers have wished for the departed soul to rest in peace while some brainless fellows have related it to her past karma, and it is the result of having affairs with so many boys. I felt very bad about it. They should remember that everything is not a laughter show. It is okay to give constructive comments, to express your unhappiness, but scolding aimlessly using vulgar words is not at all okay.

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