Trupti Dimri spoke on 'Lick My Shoe': Said- I will not do this for anyone in real life, Zoya must have felt right to do this

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The controversy regarding Ranbir Kapoor starrer film 'Animal' is not ending. Meanwhile, actress Trupti Dimri has recently once again spoken openly about the 'Lick my shoe' scene in Animal. He said that this scene was included in the film only after a lot of thinking. The actress says that if someone asks me to do this in real life, I would feel very bad. I wouldn't do this for anyone. But perhaps he felt it was right to do that for Zoya.

Well, this is not the first time that Trupti has supported this scene of 'Lick My Shoe'. She has defended this scene and the film many times in her interviews.

Trupti Dimri speaks on 'Lick My Shoe' controversy

During an interview with Pinkvilla, Trupti Dimri told that the makers had discussed this scene several times before including it in the film. He asked everyone to understand this character. The actress believes that it is important to first give every character a human form. You look at each character as if they were a real person. Because that character is doing what he should do according to his life experience.

He further said, there is a dark side inside all of us. Many times we react to things according to the dark side. This happens only when something big has happened in life. Trupti says that we have to completely immerse ourselves in our character before playing it. That's just a part of the movie. He has requested the audience to watch it only considering it a part of the film.

Even before this, Trupti had supported Sean in the interview.

Trupti had said that my acting coach has taught me that an actor should be prepared for every type of role. Taking her point forward, the actress talked about role manipulation. He had said – A woman who is talking about killing your wife, children and father. If I were in his place, I would probably kill that girl. While Ranbir leaves from there. When his brother asks him what to do with this girl? So Ranbir says let him go wherever he wants.

Trupti Dimri became famous on social media

After working in Animal, Trupti's fan following has increased significantly. Before the release of the film, he had 711 thousand followers on Instagram. Whereas seven days after the release of the film, his followers increased to 2.7 million. His followers have increased by 1989,000 in just seven days. Apart from this, Trupti is being named National Crush on social media.

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