TTD claims ‘Jabali’ as the original birthplace of Lord Hanuman

Conclusion based on historical, geographical and epigraphical evidences, says National Sanskrit University V-C

In a historic proclamation, the TTD has claimed that ‘Jabali’ nestled on the Anjanadri Hills that form a part of the sacred abode of Lord Venkateswara as the original birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

In a formal declaration on Wednesday, Vice-Chancellor of National Sanskrit University Muralidhar Sharma said that the TTD had arrived at the conclusion “after taking all the historical, geographical and epigraphical evidences into consideration.”

The TTD Pundit Parishad, which was specially constituted for the purpose, also echoed with the findings after corroborating the evidences.

Dwelling at length, Prof. Sharma said that though there were several claims by various authorities regarding the actual birthplace, no material evidences as such could be produced by them to substantiate their assertions.

Later, addressing the media, Executive Officer K.S. Jawahar Reddy said the TTD would soon initiate measures for taking control over ‘Jabali’, popularly known as ‘Jabali theertham’, which was now under the control of Endowments Department.

In reply to a question, Dr. Reddy said, if required, the TTD would also take the issue to the notice of both the State and Central governments and get ‘Jabali’ officially declared as the original birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

The claims by people of six other States, including Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana, lacked concrete reasoning, he said.

Book soon, says EO

“All the evidences gathered so far will be soon be brought out in the form of a book,” Dr. Reddy added.

Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilala Purohit, who was present at the declaration event organised at Nada Neerajana Mandapam, concurred with the TTD’s decision, and said he felt blessed to be present on the occasion.

TTD Additional EO A.V. Dharma Reddy, Chief Vigilance and Security Officer Gopinath Jatti, and Special Officer of S.V. Vedic Higher Studies Vibhishana Sharma were among others present.


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