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Twilight Star Taylor Lautner’s Wife Talks About Breast Cancer Scare – News18

Twilight Star Taylor Lautner’s Wife Talks About Breast Cancer Scare – News18

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The couple aims to share awareness about the deadly disease through their experience. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Taylor Lautner and his wife Taylor Dome shared an unspoken incident from their lives when the latter had a shocking breast cancer scare.

While celebrity life can seem filled with glamour and privilege, it often comes down to the reality of the personal health struggles that many go through. In recent times, a lot of actors have faced cancer diagnoses, drawing massive public attention and bringing to light the reality of health issues. Taylor Dome, the wife of Hollywood actor Taylor Lautner, recently shared her thoughts about the same and revealed her very own cancer scare.

Speaking on The Squeeze podcast, both the husband and wife shared their experience after going through the harrowing terror of the deadly disease. Taylor Dome underwent an ultrasound earlier this year after she found a “hard lump” on her breast. Luckily, her reports came out negative, and it turned out to be harmless tissue.

“A couple of months ago, I was in the shower, and Taylor was gone doing something. I was home alone with the dogs, and you know, I’m showering, washing my body, and soaping myself up, and I felt this lump on my boob,” Tay shared, further revealing that she tried pressing on it and felt a hard lump that made her left “frozen.” Mentioning that it was a very “terrifying” moment for her, the podcaster recalled breaking down in the shower and later “sobbing” inconsolably when her husband came back home.

Joining in the conversation, the Twilight alum added, “I came into the kitchen, you were sitting at the table on your computer, and I immediately could tell something was wrong. When you told me, I was terrified. It’s just hard for your mind not to go to the worst place.”

They further recalled going to a specialist who did an ultrasound and cleared their thoughts. “Sometimes these things just happen. The tissue can just move around. Hormonally, it can change,” Dome said.

Mentioning that the story could have an impact on others, the couple decided to share it with the world. “I can’t imagine anybody else going through that. It’s important to take it seriously, yeah, but also important to try and not jump into the world,” the actor said.

The video truly underscores the importance of using their star power to raise awareness, especially at a time when many celebrities have come forward to share their journey. Recently, Indian television actress Hina Khan revealed that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and is undergoing treatment.

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