Twist in Malayalam actress assault case: Ex-boyfriend said – I am not the victim, he tore eardrum, mentally and physically tortured

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Malayalam’s popular actress Anika Vikraman accused her ex-boyfriend of assault. He did some photos on social media on 7 March. In these photos, a lot of injury marks were visible on his face and eyes.

Now the reaction of her ex-boyfriend Anoop Pillai has come in this matter. Anoop says that the victim in this case is not Anika but himself. According to Anoop, Anika used to torture him mentally and physically. Even once he hit me in such a way that my ear drum burst.

‘Anika hurt herself to trap me’
On March 7, Anika Vikraman had made serious allegations against her ex-boyfriend Anoop by posting photos on social media. Now Anoop has reacted to all these allegations through social media. He has said that all the allegations made by Anika on him are baseless. Anoop said that the injuries that Anika is showing were caused by herself.

Anoop said, ‘We were in a relationship since 2016. Whenever I used to come to India, she used to stay with me. Since she was not getting work in films, she requested that I produce an album for her. However, unfortunately that album did not materialize. After this she got in touch with someone else. In the meantime, he also tried to patch up several times.

‘The ear drum was torn by Anika’s beating’
Anoop further said, Anika took lakhs of rupees from me during her stay in Bangalore and Chennai. Because there was no one to help him financially. He tortured me mentally and physically many times. He even hit me. He once hit me so hard that my eardrum burst. I then ended all relations with him and went abroad.

Anika demanded money for settlement – Anup
Anoop Pillai also says that Anika was not ready to end the relationship completely. He also misbehaved with her in an inebriated state. Anika even talked about settlement once but in return she told me that I will have to see her expenses.

Anika posted on March 7, her face was badly injured
Anika posted some of her photos on March 7, in which it was difficult to recognize her face. Anika wrote in a Facebook post, “I was in love with a man named Anoop Pillai.

For the last few years he was abusing me mentally and physically. I have never seen such a man. Even after doing all this he is scaring me. I never thought even in my wildest dreams that he would do this to me.

This photo was shared by Anik on his Instagram handle.

This photo was shared by Anik on his Instagram handle.

I was stupid to forgive him- Anika
Anika further wrote in the post, ‘He first hit me in Chennai, but then he apologized crying holding my feet. It was stupid of me that I forgave him. When he hit me again, I lodged a complaint against him with the Bangalore Police. But he gave the money to the policemen, after which the police asked for mutual reconciliation.

He cheated many times like this so I had to leave him but he didn’t want to leave me. He broke my phone so that I could not go to the shoot. Earlier also when we were not in a relationship, he used to constantly snoop on my WhatsApp chats.”

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