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Mar 01, 2021, 03:02PM ISTSource: ANI

American micro-blogging and social networking service Twitter recently announced a couple of huge upcoming updates, which include the ability to create and join groups based around specific interests and a feature for users to charge their followers for additional content access. According to The Verge, this new Twitter payment feature dubbed ‘Super Follows’ will allow users to charge followers and give them access to extra content. This could be bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support. Twitter showed a mock-up screenshot, showing an example where a user charges USD 4.99 per month to receive a series of perks. The company views this as a way to allow creators and publishers to get paid directly from their fans. The company also announced its take on something like Facebook Groups with a new feature called Communities. People can create and join groups around specific interests like cats or plants, allowing them to see more tweets focused on those topics. As per The Verge, there is no timeline yet as to when either of these features will launch. Twitter has listed them as “what’s next” for its platform during a presentation for analysts and investors.


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