Twitter vs government: Independent regulator should decide on objectionable content, says SC lawyer Sanjay Hegde | News – Times of India Videos

Feb 22, 2021, 08:00AM ISTSource:

In the course of the ongoing farmers’ protest against Centre’s new farm bills, Twitter and the government locked horns after the microblogging site initially refused to follow orders to suspend or block hundreds of accounts as well as some hashtags during the month of February 2020. The accounts, the govt said, were part of “well-coordinated” campaigns “designed to create disharmony and unrest” in the country. Twitter, however, fell in line later and blocked over 97% of the accounts after the govt put its foot down a few days later. This spat has opened a debate on regulation of content on social media platforms. The Times of India spoke to Sanjay Hegde, senior advocate at the Supreme Court and leading Constitutional expert, to understand this issue.


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