Two days after the kidnapping, the body was thrown after killing the student, the student had left home to study tuition | Two days before, a student who came out of the house to study tuition did not return; Accused murdered and dumped the body in a sack, police investigating old enmity and ransom angle

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  • Two Days After The Kidnapping, The Body Was Thrown After Killing The Student, The Student Had Left Home To Study Tuition

Bahraich24 minutes ago

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Dead student, Beda Prakash. File photo

  • The student was a resident of Majhauli village in Matera area of ​​the district
  • The family had lodged a complaint of kidnapping with the police

In Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh, the incident of killing a student after kidnapping two days ago has come to light. It is being told that the student left his home to study tuition but did not return. After a lot of searching, the relatives of the son, who did not come home for two days, lodged a complaint at the Matera police station. Meanwhile, the body of the student was recovered today on Saturday morning, causing chaos in the family. However, police say that investigation is also being done on the old enmity and the alleged ransom angle. Soon everything will be revealed.

According to the information, Vedprakash, the 13-year-old son of Omkar Nath, a resident of Majhauli village in Matera police station area, had left his house on Thursday, asking to read tuition. When he did not return home for long, the family went out to find him. When the student was not found after the investigation, the family lodged a complaint with the police station about the kidnapping of the son. The police filed a case and started searching for the student. The body was reported late Thursday night.

Many teams were formed to search for a student

SP Vipin Mishra said that Ved Prakash Chaudhary, age 12, son Omkar Nath resident of Majhauli police station Matera was a student of class five who used to come to Tilak Inter College Matera to study tuition everyday at Ram Ashish Pandey. On 29 October, this boy went out to study tuition but did not return home, then the family members complained about it in the police station. Time recorded at 14:18 in Section 363 IPC. Teams were formed to search for the boy.

After killing the student, the body was thrown in the sack

He said that on confidential information, the police team raided Rabia’s wife Naushad resident Tandwa police station Malvipur district of Shravasti, then it was known that the boy was brought by Kalim son Hasan Mohammad resident Majhauli police station Matera on 29/10 and the next day at around 11 am He was killed. He dumped the dead body in a sack in the police station Shravasti area with the help of Isar’s son Bahal Bahadur Khan resident of Banakati Police Station, Malipur, who seems to be his relative.

Dead body recovered at the behest of Israel

Police have recovered the body at the behest of Israr and other families involved in the incident including Israr, Rabia have also been detained. Inquiry action is prevalent to find out the cause of the incident and efforts are being made to search for Kajim son Hasan Mohammad resident Majhauli police station Matera. According to the SP, a team has been formed to know the real cause of the incident, which is also making in-depth information on the aspects of the old envy and alleged ransom in the village of the deceased’s family members. The post-mortem of the dead body is being done in Shravasti district.


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